BTI Sponsored Research Policies


5.10.01 Compliance of Sponsored Funds

5.10.02 Regulatory Guidance

5.10.03 Signature Authority-Proposals, Contracts, Fin’l Reporting

5.10.04 Roles of Award Administration

5.10.05 Project Management Responsibility

5.10.06 Conflict of Interest on Sponsored Research Awards

5.10.07 Change of Principle Investigator

5.10.08 Sponsored Award Accounting


5.20.01 Ownership of Records Policy

5.20.02 Records Retention and Destruction Policy

5.20.03 Document Shredding Policy

Pre-award Budgets                 

5.30.01 Proposal Budgets Policy

5.30.02 Certified Proposal Budgets Policy

5.30.03 Pre-award Costs Policy


5.40.01 Authorization to Submit Proposals

5.40.02 Elements of a Proposal

5.40.03 Proposals Requiring Official Clearance inclg. Sub-awards

5.40.04 Proposal Review and Status Checks

5.40.05 Proposal Submission Roles and Responsibilities

5.40.06 Re-submission of a Declined Proposal

5.40.07 Sponsored Projects Responsibilities – Proposals

5.40.08 Withdrawal of a Pending Proposal


5.50.01 Sponsored Award Account Setup

5.50.02 Sponsored Project Responsibilities – Award Approval

5.50.03 Underwritten Award Accounts

Billing and Reporting

5.60.01 Sponsored Award Billing

5.60.02 Sponsored Award Financial Reporting

Sub-award Management

5.70.01 Sub-award Administration Responsibilities

5.70.02 Property in the Possession of Sub-recipients

5.70.03 Sub-recipient Responsibilities

5.70.04 Establishing Sub-awards and Sub-contracts

5.70.05 Sub-awardees, Contractors, Consultants

5.70.06 Evaluating and Managing Sub-award Risk

Cost Sharing

5.80.01 Allowable Forms of Cost Sharing Expenses

5.80.02 Cost Share Accounts

5.80.03 Cost Share Reporting and Documentation

5.80.04 Cost Sharing Administration

5.80.05 Cost Sharing Methods and Uses

5.80.06 Cost Sharing Valuations

5.80.07 Matching funds and In Kind Contributions

5.80.08 Voluntary Cost Sharing

Cost Transfer              

5.90.01 Acceptable Reasons for Cost Transfer

5.90.02 Criteria for Cost Transfers


5.100.01 Unallowable Costs

5.100.02 Allowable Costs

5.100.03 Clerical and Admin Salaries on Sponsored Programs

5.100.04 Cost Classification Assigning Accounting Codes

5.100.05 Determining Allowable, Allocable and Reasonable Costs

5.100.06 Expanded Authority

5.100.07 Expanded Account Codes

5.100.08 Expenditure Approvals – No Purchase Orders

5.100.09 Materials, Supplies and Expendable Equipment

5.100.10 Over-expenditures

5.100.11 Re-budgeting

5.100.12 Temporary Terminations


5.110.01 Fly America Act

Indirect Costs

5.120.01 Determination of Indirect Cost Rate

5.120.02 Recovery of Indirect Costs Policy


5.130.01 Time and Attendance

5.130.02 Time and Effort Reporting


5.140.01 Procurement


5.150.01 Acquisition of Property Under Sponsored Awards

5.150.02 Care and Maintenance of Property

5.150.03 Control and Marking of Property

5.150.04 Disposition of Property

5.150.05 Equipment Responsibilities

5.150.06 Ownership Coding of Sponsor Funded Equipment

5.150.07 Property Records

5.150.08 Purchasing Equipment from Surplus Property


5.160.01 Electronic Receipt of Grant Funds

5.160.02 Invoicing Sponsored Awards

5.160.03 Monitoring Receipt of Scheduled Payments

5.160.04 Program Income

5.160.05 Sponsored Award Revenue

Participant Support

5.170.01 Managing Participant Support Costs


5.180.01 Account Closures

5.180.02 Closing Fixed Price Awards

5.180.03 Equipment Closeout

5.180.04 Post Award Administration at the close of Award

5.180.05 Sponsored Award Closeout