• Understanding how viruses infect insects
  • Understanding how plant hormones control fruit development
  • Unraveling the complexity of fleshy fruit transcriptomes
  • Understanding the genetic basis of fruit development and ripening
  • Understanding how soil fungi supply plants with mineral nutrients
  • Understanding how viruses commandeer plants and insects to promote their own trasmission
  • Molecular and chemical ecology of plant-insect interactions
  • Understanding how plants acquire immunity to disease
  • Understanding the origin and evolution of plant diversity
  • How do bacteria infect plants and how do plants defend themselves from such attacks?
  • Understanding how scientists can harness Big Data for research and breeding
  • Understanding different aspects of epigenetics
  • Small-molecule signaling in model organisms
  • Understanding how plants coordinate genes in different compartments
  • Applying the techniques of genetics and biotechnology to plant research

Together we can advance the science that advances the planet.

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