BTI Computational Biology Center

About the BTI Computational Biology Center (BCBC)

Decoding the complexity and diversity of life.

The BCBC aims to establish BTI as a leader in computational biology with the following objectives:
  • Expand BTI’s strength in computational biology by promoting synergistic interactions among internal and external groups and organizing current and future computational biology activities.
  • Discover and leverage biological diversity in non-model plants through development of new algorithms and computational tools and identification of biological diversity at the level of genomic variation, biochemical complexity, and inter-organismal interactions.
  • Build current bioinformatics consulting, training, and outreach activities in support of the BCBC research mission.

The BCBC seeks to transcend disciplinary boundaries by integrating biology and computation through collaborative research and education

BCBC Symposium

Join the BCBC on May 8, 2018 for an inaugural symposium!

For more information click here. Space is limited, so please register if you plan to attend.



Consulting Team

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