BTI Computational Biology Center

BTI Computational Biology Center (BCBC)

Decoding the complexity and diversity of life.


The BCBC enables computational approaches by providing educational resources and developing new methods in a collaborative framework to advance understanding of the complexity of life.



 Computational biology democratized through accessible people and resources.


Strategic Goals (2021-2026):
  • Collaboration: Structure our collaborations and build our network.
  • Research: Develop and apply computational tools to advance our understanding of life.
  • Education: Enhance bioinformatics consulting, education, and outreach activities based at BTI.
  • Infrastructure: Meet current and future computational infrastructure needs.
  • Funding: Attract new and diverse sources of funding to stimulate research and education initiatives.


Strategic Plan:

The BCBC Strategic plan 2021 – 2026



BCBC 2019 Nanopore Symposium

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BCBC 2018 Symposium

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CFM1, a Member of the CRM-domain Protein Family, Functions in Chloroplast Group II Intron Splicing in Setaria viridis
Feiz, L., Asakura, Y., Mao, L., Strickler, Susan R., Fei, Zhangjun, Rojas, M., Barkan, A., Stern, Da…


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