BTI Computational Biology Center

BTI Computational Biology Center (BCBC)

Decoding the complexity and diversity of life.


The BCBC enables computational approaches, provides educational resources, and develops new methods in a collaborative framework to advance understanding of the complexity of plant life.


 A dynamic research hub to empower researchers and democratize plant bioinformatics.

  • Research: Develop and apply tools to explore the basis of plant diversification and its utility as it applies to agriculture, environment, and human health.
  • Education: Enhance bioinformatics consulting, education, outreach activities, and public engagement.
  • Collaboration: Establish tiers of engagement to nucleate a network of collaborators and establish formal relationships.
  • Infrastructure: Meet current and future infrastructure, space, and maintenance needs.
  • Funding: Explore and attract new and diverse avenues of funding to build research and education efforts.


BCBC 2018 Symposium

Click here for more info and videos of the presentations.


Boyce Thompson Institute
533 Tower Rd.
Ithaca, NY 14853