BTI’s Breaking Ground discussion series is a virtual opportunity to engage live with BTI researchers.

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Upcoming Schedule

April 21, 12pm EST

“Understanding and Enhancing the Tomato Immune System to Make Healthier Tomato Plants” with Greg Martin

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"Exploring the diversity of plant life through genomics" with Suzy Strickler
"Tiny computers, cameras and conveyor belts could help plants beat climate change" with Magdalena Julkowska
“Toxic cardiac glycosides in plants and the animals that love them” with Georg Jander
“Microscopic Relationships Could Reduce Fertilizer Use” with Maria Harrison
“Feeding the World with Plant Breeding Databases” with Lukas Mueller
"Spooky Plants" with Fay-Wei Li

“From TMV to COVID-19: The History of Virus Research at BTI” with Karen-Beth Scholthof and Paul Debbie

“Decadal Vision 2020-2030: Reimagining the Next Decade of Plant Science” with David Stern

“Using Bioinformatics to Discover New Genes for Crop Improvement in the Tomato” with Zhangjun Fei and Jim Giovannoni

“Impact Through Collaboration: Improving Crops with the Help of Community Scientists in the Physalis Improvement Project” with Joyce Van Eck



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