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Frank Schroeder
 &emdash;  Associate Professor

Frank Schroeder
Office/Lab: 425/414-422
Graduate Fields: Chemistry and Chemical Biology (CCB); Biochemistry, Molecular and Cell Biology (BMCB)
Research Areas:


  • Larval crowding accelerates C. elegans development and reduces lifespan. 2017

    Ludewig AH, Gimond C, Judkins JC, Thornton S, Pulido DC, Micikas RJ, Döring F, Antebi A, Braendle C, Schroeder FC.
    PloS Genet 13(4),  1006717
    Full text...
  • Biosynthesis of Modular Ascarosides in C. elegans. 2017

    Panda O, Akagi AE, Artyukhin AB, Judkins JC, Le HH, Mahanti P, Cohen SM, Sternberg PW, Schroeder FC.
    Angew Chem Int Ed Engl 56(17),  4729-4733
    Full text...
  • Molecular Determinants of the Regulation of Development and Metabolism by Neuronal eIF2α Phosphorylation in Caenorhabditis elegans. 2017

    Kulalert W, Sadeeshkumar H, Zhang YK, Schroeder FC, Kim DH
    Genetics 117,  200568
    Full text...
  • Nematophagous fungus Arthrobotrys oligospora mimics olfactory cues of sex and food to lure its nematode prey. 2017

    Hsueh YP, Gronquist MR, Schwarz EM, Nath RD, Lee CH, Gharib S, Schroeder FC, Sternberg PW.
    Elife 6,  e20023
    Full text...
  • Elucidating the Rimosamide-Detoxin Natural Product Families and Their Biosynthesis Using Metabolite/Gene Cluster Correlations. 2016

    McClure RA, Goering AW, Ju KS, Baccile JA, Schroeder FC, Metcalf WW, Thomson RJ, Kelleher NL.
    ACS Chem Biol 11(12),  3452-3460
    Full text...
  • Cyclic cis-Locked Phospho-Dipeptides Reduce Entry of AβPP into Amyloidogenic Processing Pathway. 2017

    Fisher CL, Resnick RJ, De S, Acevedo LA, Lu KP, Schroeder FC, Nicholson LK.
    J Alzheimers Dis 55(1),  391-410
    Full text...
  • Tomato receptor FLAGELLIN-SENSING 3 binds flgII-28 and activates the plant immune system. 2016

    Hind SR, Strickler SR, Boyle PC, Dunham DM, Bao Z, O'Doherty IM, Baccile JA, Hoki JS, Viox EG, Clarke CR, Vinatzer BA, Schroeder FC, Martin GB.
    Nat Plants 2,  16128
    Full text...
  • BLIMP-1/BLMP-1 and Metastasis-Associated Protein Regulate Stress Resistant Development in Caenorhabditis elegans. 2016

    Hyun M, Kim J, Dumur C, Schroeder FC, You YJ.
    Genetics 203(4),  1721-32
    Full text...
  • Functional Conservation and Divergence of daf-22 Paralogs in Pristionchus pacificus Dauer Development. 2016

    Markov GV, Meyer JM, Panda O, Artyukhin AB, Claaßen M, Witte H, Schroeder FC, Sommer RJ.
    Mol Biol Evol 33(10),  2506-14
    Full text...
  • Plant-like biosynthesis of isoquinoline alkaloids in Aspergillus fumigatus. 2016

    Baccile JA, Spraker JE, Le HH, Brandenburger E, Gomez C, Bok JW, Macheleidt J, Brakhage AA, Hoffmeister D, Keller NP, Schroeder FC.
    Nat Chem Biol 12(6),  419-24
    Full text...
  • Erratum: Mating dynamics in a nematode with three sexes and its evolutionary implications. 2016

    Chaudhuri J, Bose N, Tandonnet S, Adams S, Zuco G, Kache V, Parihar M, von Reuss SH, Schroeder FC, Pires-daSilva A.
    Sci Rep 6,  23852
    Full text...
  • A Forward Genetic Screen for Molecules Involved in Pheromone-Induced Dauer Formation in Caenorhabditis elegans. 2016

    Neal SJ, Park J, DiTirro D, Yoon J, Shibuya M, Choi W, Schroeder FC, Butcher RA, Kim K, Sengupta P.
    G3 (Bethesda) 6(5),  1475-87
    Full text...
  • Contrasting responses within a single neuron class enable sex-specific attraction in Caenorhabditis elegans. 2016

    Narayan A, Venkatachalam V, Durak O, Reilly DK, Bose N, Schroeder FC, Samuel AD, Srinivasan J, Sternberg PW.
    Proc Natl Acad Sci 113(10),  E1392-401
    Full text...
  • Amorfrutin C Induces Apoptosis and Inhibits Proliferation in Colon Cancer Cells through Targeting Mitochondria. 2016

    Weidner C, Rousseau M, Micikas RJ, Fischer C, Plauth A, Wowro SJ, Siems K, Hetterling G, Kliem M, Schroeder FC, Sauer S.
    J Nat Prod 79(1),  2-12
    Full text...
  • Mediators between education and dental pain: a cross-sectional study to assess the role of dental services utilization. 2016

    Constante HM, Peres MA, Schroeder FC, Bastos JL.
    Eur J Oral Sci 124(1),  62-7
    Full text...
  • Mating dynamics in a nematode with three sexes and its evolutionary implications. 2015

    Chaudhuri J, Bose N, Tandonnet S, Adams S, Zuco G, Kache V, Parihar M, von Reuss SH, Schroeder FC, Pires-daSilva A.
    Sci Rep 5,  17676
    Full text...
  • Human GAPDH Is a Target of Aspirin's Primary Metabolite Salicylic Acid and Its Derivatives. 2015

    Choi HW, Tian M, Manohar M, Harraz MM, Park SW, Schroeder FC, Snyder SH, Klessig DF.
    PloS One 10(11),  e0143447
    Full text...
  • Metabolic Interplay between the Asian Citrus Psyllid and Its Profftella Symbiont: An Achilles' Heel of the Citrus Greening Insect Vector. 2015

    Ramsey JS, Johnson RS, Hoki JS, Kruse A, Mahoney J, Hilf ME, Hunter WB, Hall DG, Schroeder FC, MacCoss MJ, Cilia M.
    PLoS One 10(11),  e0140826
    Full text...
  • NeuCode Labeling in Nematodes: Proteomic and Phosphoproteomic Impact of Ascaroside Treatment in Caenorhabditis elegans. 2015

    Rhoads TW, Prasad A, Kwiecien NW, Merrill AE, Zawack K, Westphall MS, Schroeder FC, Kimble J, Coon JJ.
    Mol Cell Proteomics 14(11),  2922-35
    Full text...
  • Conserved nematode signalling molecules elicit plant defenses and pathogen resistance. 2015

    Manosalva P, Manohar M, von Reuss SH, Chen S, Koch A, Kaplan F, Choe A, Micikas RJ, Wang X, Kogel KH, Sternberg PW, Williamson VM, Schroeder FC, Klessig DF.
    Nat Commun 6,  7795
    Full text...
  • Identification of multiple salicylic acid-binding proteins using two high throughput screens 2015

    Manohar, M., Tian, M., Moreau, M., Park, S-W., Choi, H.W., Fei, Z., Friso, G., Asif, M., Manosalva, P., von Dahl, C.C., Shi, K., Ma, S., Dinesh-Kumar, S.P., O'Doherty, I., Schroeder, F.C., van Wijk, K.J., and Klessig, D.F.
    Front. Plant Sci. 5,  777
    Full text...
  • Nematode Signaling Molecules Derived from Multimodular Assembly of Primary Metabolic Building Blocks 2015

    Yim, J.J., Bose, N., Meyer, J.M., Sommer, R.J., and Schroeder, F.C.
    Org. Lett. 17 (7),  1648–1651
    Full text...
  • Modular Assembly of Primary Metabolic Building Blocks: A Chemical Language in C. elegans 2015

    Schroeder, F.C.
    Chem. Biol. 22,  7-16
    Full text...
  • Transcriptome analysis of cAMP‐dependent protein kinase A regulated genes reveals the production of the novel natural compound fumipyrrole by Aspergillus fumigatus. 2015

    Macheleidt, J., Scherlach, K., Neuwirth, T., Schmidt-Heck, W., Straßburger, M., Spraker, J., Baccile, J.A., Schroeder, F.C., Keller, N.P., Hertweck, C., Heinekamp, T., and Brakhage, A.A.
    Mol Microbiol. doi: 10.1111/mmi.12926
    Full text...
  • Comparative Metabolomics Reveals Endogenous Ligands of DAF-12, a Nuclear Hormone Receptor, Regulating C. elegans Development and LifespanCell Metab. 2014

    Mahanti, P., Bose, N., Bethke, A., Judkins, J.C., Wollam, J., Dumas, K.J., Zimmerman, A.M., Campbell, S.L., Hu, P.J., Antebi, A., and Schroeder, F.C.
    Cell Metab. 19,  73-83
    Full text...
  • Activation of a G protein-coupled receptor by its endogenous ligand triggers the innate immune response of Caenorhabditis elegans 2014

    Zugasti, O., Bose, N.,Squiban, B., Belougne, J., Kurz, L.C., Schroeder, F.C., Pujol, N., and Ewbank, J.J.
    Nat. Immunol. 15,  833-838
    Full text...
  • A Photocleavable Masked Nuclear-Receptor Ligand Enables Temporal Control of C. elegans Development 2014

    Judkins, J.C., Mahanti, P., Hoffman, J.B., Yim, I., Antebi, A., and Schroeder, F.C.
    Angew. Chem. Int. Edit. 53,  2110-2113
    Full text...
  • B. subtilis GS67 protects C. elegans from Gram-positive pathogens via fengycin-mediated microbial antagonism 2014

    Iatsenko, I., Yim, J.J., Schroeder, F.C., and Sommer, R.J.
    Curr. Biol. 24,  2720-2727
    Full text...
  • Chemosensation of Bacterial Secondary Metabolites Modulates Neuroendocrine Signaling and Behavior of C. elegans 2014

    Meisel, J.D., Panda, O., Mahanti, P., Schroeder, F.C., and Kim, D.H.
    Cell 159,  267-280
    Full text...
  • Endogenous NHR ligands: metabolomics to the rescue 2014

    Bethke, A., and Schroeder, F.C.
    Aging-US 6,  522-523
    Full text...
  • Males Shorten the Life Span of C. elegans Hermaphrodites via Secreted Compounds 2014

    Maures, T.J., Booth, L.N., Benayoun, B.A., Izrayelit, Y., Schroeder, F.C., and Brunet, A.
    Science 343,  541-544
    Full text...
  • Natural variation in dauer pheromone production and sensing supports intraspecific competition in nematodes 2014

    Bose, N., Meyer, J.M., Yim, J.J., Mayer, M.G., Markov, G.V., Ogawa, A., Schroeder, F.C., and Sommer, R.J.
    Curr. Biol. 24,  1536-1541
    Full text...
  • Perturbations in small molecule synthesis uncovers an iron-responsive secondary metabolite network in Aspergillus fumigatus 2014

    Wiemann, P., Lechner, B.E., Baccile, J.A., Velk, T.A., Yin, W-B., Bok, J.W., Pakala, S., Losada, L., Nierman, W.C., Schroeder, F.C., and Keller, N.P.
    Front. Microbiol. 5,  530
    Full text...
  • Small molecule signaling: encoding biological information in chemical structures. In Pristionchus pacificus - A nematode model for comparative and evolutionary biology 2014

    Schroeder, F.C.
    (Ralf J. Sommer. Brill, Leiden, NL, ed.) in press
    Full text...
  • 2D NMR-based metabolomics uncovers interactions between conserved biochemical pathways in the model organism Caenorhabditis elegans 2013

    Izrayelit, Y., Robinette, S.L., Bose, N., von Reuss, S.H. and Schroeder, F.C.
    ACS Chem. Biol. 8,  314-319
    Full text...
  • A Family of Indoles Regulate Virulence and Shiga Toxin Production in Pathogenic E. coli 2013

    Bommarius, B., Anyanful, A., Izrayelit, Y., Bhatt, S., Cartwright, E., Wang, W., Swimm, A.I., Benian, G.M., Schroeder, F.C. and Kalman, D.
    PLoS ONE 8,  e54456
    Full text...
  • Anthranilate Fluorescence Marks a Calcium-Propagated Necrotic Wave That Promotes Organismal Death in C. elegans 2013

    Coburn, C., Allman, E., Mahanti, P., Benedetto, A., Cabreiro, F., Pincus, Z., Matthijssens, F., Araiz, C., Mandel, A., Vlachos, M., Edwards, S.A., Fischer, G., Davidson, A., Pryor, R.E., Stevens, A., Slack, F.J., Tavernarakis, N., Braeckman, B.P., Schroeder, F.C., Nehrke, K. and Gems, D.
    PLoS Biol. 11,  1-17
    Full text...
  • Density dependence in Caenorhabditis larval starvation 2013

    Artyukhin, A.B., Schroeder, F.C. and Avery, L.
    Scientific Reports 3,  2777
    Full text...
  • Homologous NRPS-like gene clusters mediate redundant small-molecule biosynthesis in Aspergillus flavus 2013

    Forseth, R.R., Amaike, S., Schwenk, D., Affeldt, K.J., Hoffmeister, D., Schroeder, F.C. and Keller, N.P.
    Angew. Chem. Int. Edit. 52,  1590-1594
    Full text...
  • Structural Characterization of Amorfrutins Bound to the Peroxisome Proliferator-Activated Receptor gamma 2013

    de Groot, J.C., Weidner, C., Krausze, J., Kawamoto, K., Schroeder, F.C., Sauer, S. and Bussow, K.
    J. Med. Chem. 56,  1535-1543
    Full text...
  • Succinylated octopamine ascarosides and a new pathway of biogenic amine metabolism in Caenorhabditis elegans 2013

    Artyukhin, A.B., Yim, J.J., Srinivasan, J., Izrayelit, Y., Bose, N., von Reuss, S.H., Jo, Y., Jordan, J.M., Baugh, L.R., Cheong, M., Sternberg, P.W., Avery, L. and Schroeder, F.C.
    J. Biol. Chem. 288,  18778-18783
    Full text...
  • Nematode-Trapping Fungi Eavesdrop on Nematode Pheromones 2013

    Hsueh, Y.P., Mahanti, P., Schroeder, F.C. and Sternberg, P.W.
    Curr. Biol. 23,  83-86
    Full text...
  • Chemical defense of an Asian snake reflects local availability of toxic prey and hatchling diet 2013

    Hutchinson, D.A., Savitzky, A.H., Burghardt, G.M., Nguyen, C., Meinwald, J., Schroeder, F.C. and Mori, A.
    J. Zool. 289,  270-278
    Full text...
  • Pheromone sensing regulates Caenorhabditis elegans lifespan and stress resistance via the deacetylase SIR-2.1 2013

    Ludewig, A.H., Izrayelit, Y., Park, D., Malik, R.U., Zimmermann, A., Mahanti, P., Fox, B.W., Bethke, A., Doering, F., Riddle, D.L. and Schroeder, F.C.
    P. Natl. Acad. Sci. USA 110,  5522-5527
    Full text...
  • Ascaroside signaling in C. elegans 2013

    Ludewig, A.H. and Schroeder, F.C.
    WormBook 1
    Full text...
  • Protein Sets Define Disease States and Predict In Vivo Effects of Drug Treatment 2013

    Meierhofer, D., Weidner, C., Hartmann, L., Mayr, J.A., Han, C.T., Schroeder, F.C. and Sauer, S.
    Mol. Cell. Proteomics 12,  1965-1979
    Full text...
  • RsmA Regulates Aspergillus fumigatus Gliotoxin Cluster Metabolites Including Cyclo(L-Phe-L-Ser), a Potential New Diagnostic Marker for Invasive Aspergillosis 2013

    Sekonyela, R., Palmer, J.M., Bok, J.W., Jain, S., Berthier, E., Forseth, R., Schroeder, F. and Keller, N.P.
    PLoS ONE 8,  e62591
    Full text...
  • Chemical Detoxification of Small Molecules by Caenorhabditis elegans 2013

    Stupp, G.S., von Reuss, S.H., Izrayelit, Y., Ajredini, R., Schroeder, F.C. and Edison, A.S.
    ACS Chem. Biol. 8,  309-313
    Full text...
  • Amorfrutin B is an efficient natural peroxisome proliferator-activated receptor gamma (PPAR gamma) agonist with potent glucose-lowering properties 2013

    Weidner, C., Wowro, S.J., Freiwald, A., Kawamoto, K., Witzke, A., Kliem, M., Siems, K., Muller-Kuhrt, L., Schroeder, F.C. and Sauer, S.
    Diabetologia 56,  1802-1812
    Full text...
  • A Nonribosomal Peptide Synthetase-Derived Iron(III) Complex from the Pathogenic Fungus Aspergillus fumigates 2013

    Yin, W.B., Baccile, J.A., Bok, J.W., Chen, Y.M., Keller, N.P. and Schroeder, F.C.
    J. Am. Chem. Soc. 135,  2064-2067
    Full text...
  • Complex small-molecule architectures regulate phenotypic plasticity in a nematode 2012

    Bose, N., Ogawa, A., von Reuss, S.H., Yim, J.J., Ragsdale, E.J., Sommer, R.J. and Schroeder, F.C.
    Angew. Chem-Ger. Edit. 51,  12438-12443
    Full text...
  • Ascaroside signaling is widely conserved among nematodes 2012

    Choe, A., von Reuss, S.H., Kogan, D., Gasser, R.B., Platzer, E.G., Schroeder, F.C. and Sternberg, P.W.
    Curr. Biol. 22,  772-780
    Full text...
  • Discovery of a novel pharmacological and structural class of gamma secretase modulators derived from the extract of Actaea racemosa 2012

    Findeis, M.A., Schroeder, F., McKee, T.D., Yager, D., Fraering, P.C., Creaser, S.P., Austin, W.F., Clardy, J., Wang, R., Selkoe, D. and Eckman, C.B.
    Acs. Chem. Neurosci. 3,  941-951
    Full text...
  • Correlating secondary metabolite production with genetic changes using differential analysis of 2D NMR spectra 2012

    Forseth, R.R. and Schroeder, F.C.
    Method. Mol. Biol. 944,  207-219
    Full text...
  • Chemical investigations of defensive steroid sequestration by the Asian snake Rhabdophis tigrinus 2012

    Hutchinson, D.A., Savitzky, A.H., Mori, A., Burghardt, G.M., Meinwald, J. and Schroeder, F.C.
    Chemoecology 22,  199-206
    Full text...
  • Targeted metabolomics reveals a male pheromone and sex-specific ascaroside biosynthesis in Caenorhabditis elegans 2012

    Izrayelit, Y., Srinivasan, J., Campbell, S.L., Jo, Y., von Reuss, S.H., Genoff, M.C., Sternberg, P.W. and Schroeder, F.C.
    ACS Chem. Biol. 7,  1321-1325
    Full text...
  • Interspecific nematode signals regulate dispersal behavior 2012

    Kaplan, F., Alborn, H.T., von Reuss, S.H., Ajredini, R., Ali, J.G., Akyazi, F., Stelinski, L.L., Edison, A.S., Schroeder, F.C. and Teal, P.E.
    PLoS ONE 7,  e38735
    Full text...
  • Steroids as central regulators of organismal development and lifespan 2012

    Lee, S.S. and Schroeder, F.C.
    PLoS Biol. 10,  e1001307
    Full text...
  • Sex-specific mating pheromones in the nematode Panagrellus redividus 2012

    Chose, A., Chuman, T., von Reuss, S.H., Dossey, A.T., Yim, J.J., Ajredini, R., Kolawa, A.A., Kaplan, F., Alborn, H.T., Teal, P.E.A., Schroeder, F.C., Sternberg, Arthur S., and Edison, P.W.
    P. Natl. Acad. Sci. USA 109,  20949-20954
    Full text...
  • A backup plan for self-protection: S-methylation of holomycin biosynthetic intermediates in Streptomyces clavuligerus 2012

    Li, B., Forseth, R.R., Bowers, A.A., Schroeder, F.C. and Walsh, C.T.
    Chembiochem 13,  2521-2526
    Full text...
  • Interaction of structure-specific and promiscuous G-protein-coupled receptors mediates small-molecule signaling in Caenorhabditis elegans 2012

    Park, D., O'Doherty, I., Somvanshi, R.K., Bethke, A., Schroeder, F.C., Kumar, U. and Riddle, D.L.
    P. Natl. Acad. Sci. USA 109,  9917-9922
    Full text...
  • NMR in metabolomics and natural products research: two sides of the same coin 2012

    Robinette, S.L., Bruschweiler, R., Schroeder, F.C. and Edison, A.S.
    Accounts Chem. Res. 45,  288-297
    Full text...
  • A modular library of small molecule signals regulates social behaviors in Caenorhabditis elegans 2012

    Srinivasan, J., von Reuss, S.H., Bose, N., Zaslaver, A., Mahanti, P., Ho, M.C., O'Doherty, O.G., Edison, A.S., Sternberg, P.W. and Schroeder, F.C.
    PLoS Biol. 10,  e1001237
    Full text...
  • Comparative metabolomics reveals biogenesis of ascarosides, a modular library of small-molecule signals in C. elegans 2012

    von Reuss, S.H., Bose, N., Srinivasan, J., Yim, J.J., Judkins, J.C., Sternberg, P.W. and Schroeder, F.C.
    J. Am. Chem. Soc. 134,  1817-1824
    Full text...
  • Amorfrutins are potent antidiabetic dietary natural products 2012

    Weidner, C., de Groot, J.C., Prasad, A., Freiwald, A., Quedenau, C., Kliem, M., Witzke, A., Kodelja, V., Han, C.T., Giegold, S., Baumann, M., Klebl, B., Siems, K., Muller-Kuhrt, L., Schurmann, A., Schuler, R., Pfeiffer, A.F.H., Schroeder, F.C., Bussow, K. and Sauer, S.
    P. Natl. Acad. Sci. USA 109,  7257-7262
    Full text...
  • Hierarchical alignment and full resolution pattern recognition of 2D NMR spectra: Application to nematode chemical ecology 2011

    Robinette, S.L., Ajredini, R., Rasheed, H., Zeinomar, A., Schroeder, F.C., Dossey, A.T. and Edison, A.S.
    Anal. Chem. 83,  1649-1657
    Full text...
  • Synthesis of caeliferins, elicitors of plant immune responses: accessing lipophilic natural products via cross metathesis 2011

    O'Doherty, I., Yim, J.J., Schmelz, E.A. and Schroeder, F.C.
    Org. Lett. 13,  5900-5903
    Full text...
  • Ascaroside expression in Caenorhabditis elegans is strongly dependent on diet and developmental stage 2011

    Kaplan, F., Srinivasan, J., Mahanti, P., Ajredini, R., Durak, O., Nimalendran, R., Sternberg, P.W., Teal, P.E.A., Schroeder, F.C., Edison, A.S. and Alborn, H.T.
    PLoS ONE 6,  e17804
    Full text...
  • Biosynthetic Chlorination of the Piperazate Residue in Kutzneride Biosynthesis by KthP 2011

    Jiang, W., Heemstra Jr., J.S., Forseth, R.R., Neumann, C.S., Manaviazar, S., Schroeder, F.C., Hale, K.J. and Walsh, C.T.
    Biochemistry 50,  6063-6072
    Full text...
  • NMR-spectroscopic analysis of mixtures: from structure to function 2011

    Forseth, R.R. and Schroeder, F.C.
    Curr. Opin. Chem. Biol. 15,  38-47
    Full text...
  • Identification of cryptic products of the gliotoxin gene cluster using NMR-based comparative metabolomics and a model for gliotoxin biosynthesis 2011

    Forseth, R.R., Fox, E.M., Chung, D., Howlett, B.J., Keller, N.P. and Schroeder, F.C.
    J. Am. Chem. Soc. 133,  9678-9681
    Full text...
  • 2D NMR-spectroscopic screening reveals polyketides in ladybugs 2011

    Deyrup, S.T., Eckman, L.E., McCarthy, P.H., Smedley, S.R., Meinwald, J. and Schroeder, F.C.
    P. Natl. Acad. Sci. USA 108,  9753-9758
    Full text...
  • Microfluidic chamber arrays for whole-organism behavior-based chemical screening 2011

    Chung, K., Zhan, M., Srinivasan, J., Sternberg, P.W., Gong, E., Schroeder, F.C. and Lu, H.
    Lab Chip 11,  3689-3697
    Full text...
  • Spirocyclic lignans from Guaiacum (Zygophyllaceae) induce apoptosis in human breast cancer cell lines 2011

    Chavez, K.J., Feng, X., Flanders, J.A., Rodriguez, E. and Schroeder, F.C.
    J. Nat. Prod. 74,  1293-1297
    Full text...
  • Scents of adolescence: The maturation of the olfactory phenotype in a free-ranging mammal 2011

    Caspers, B.A., Schroeder, F.C., Franke, S. and Voigt, C.C.
    PLoS ONE 6,  e21162
    Full text...
  • Highly alpha-selective hydrolysis of alpha,beta-epoxyalcohols using tetrabutylammonium fluoride 2010

    Mukerjee, P., Abid, M. and Schroeder, F.C.
    Org. Lett. 12,  3986-3989
    Full text...
  • Insect Natural Products 2010

    Gronquist , M. and Schroeder, F.C.
    Natural Products Structural Diversity-II Secondary Metabolites: Sources, Structures and Chemical Biology 2,  67-108
    Full text...
  • Small Molecules and Analysis of Complex Mixtures 2010

    Edison, A.S. and Schroeder, F.C.
    Modern Methods in Natural Products Chemistry 9,  169-196
    Full text...
  • A shortcut to identifying small molecule signals that regulate behavior and development in Caenorhabditis elegans 2009

    Pungaliya, C., Srinivasan, J., Fox, B.W., Malik, R.U., Ludewig, A.H., Sternberg, P.W. and Schroeder, F.C.
    P. Natl. Acad. Sci. USA 106,  7708-7713
    Full text...
  • Odour-based species recognition in two sympatric species of sac-winged bats (Saccopteryx bilineata, S-leptura): combining chemical analyses, behavioural observations and odour preference tests 2009

    Caspers, B.A., Schroeder, F.C., Franke, S., Streich, W.J. and Voigt, C.C.
    Behav. Ecol. Sociobiol. 63,  741-749
    Full text...
  • A blend of small molecules regulates both mating and development in Caenorhabditis elegans 2008

    Srinivasan, J., Kaplan, F., Ajredini, R., Zachariah, C., Alborn, H.T., Teal, P.E.A., Malik, R.U., Edison, A.S., Sternberg, P.W. and Schroeder, F.C.
    Nature 454,  1115-1146
    Full text...
  • NMR-spectroscopic screening of spider venom reveals sulfated nucleosides as major components for the brown recluse and related species 2008

    Schroeder, F.C., Taggi, A.E., Gronquist, M., Malik, R.U., Grant, J.B., Eisner, T. and Meinwald, J.
    P. Natl. Acad. Sci. USA 105,  14283-14287
    Full text...
  • Identification of indole glucosinolate breakdown products with antifeedant effects on Myzus persicae (green peach aphid) 2008

    Kim, J.H., Lee, B.W., Schroeder, F.C. and Jander, G.
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    Full text...
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Research Utilization

Nematode Metabolomics

The past few years have seen a surge of interest in using NMR-spectroscopic techniques for characterizing complex metabolite mixtures. The Schroeder lab has developed new computational and statistical methods to identify individual components in complex metabolite samples and determine their biological function(s). This approach accelerates the pace of natural products research because it reduces the need for chromatographic fractionation and enables the identification of previously inaccessible small molecules, for example compounds that are prone to chemical decomposition and thus cannot be isolated. In particular, comparative metabolomics, based on statistical analyses of NMR spectra and HPLC-MS data has proven highly effective at identifying novel and known metabolites that correlate with changes in genotype or phenotype.

The nematode Caenorhabditis elegans is one of the most important model organisms for biomedical research, because of its experimental tractability and because many of its physiological pathways show strong analogies to corresponding pathways in humans. In addition, discoveries in C. elegans are relevant for human health, given that more than 2 billion people are currently infected with parasitic nematodes, which cause devastating disease and disability. Understanding chemical signaling in C. elegans will aid in developing new approaches toward control and eradication of nematode-derived disease. Lastly, C. elegans research is highly relevant to the agricultural industry since nematode pests are a significant source of crop loss.

The Schroeder lab aims to complement the highly developed genomics and proteomics resources for C. elegans with a comprehensive structural and functional characterization of its metabolome. This effort has revealed that small molecules play important roles in C. elegans endocrine and exocrine signaling, specifically in key pathways regulating lifespan, development, and metabolism. Two-dimensional NMR spectroscopy permits the comparison of complex metabolite samples derived from different C. elegans mutant strains to identify and characterize compounds whose biosynthesis is strongly up- or down-regulated as a result of a specific mutation. The Schroeder lab has selected a number of C. elegans mutant strains whose phenotypes suggest a defect in small-molecule signaling that affect conserved pathways regulating lifespan, development, and fat metabolism. These studies have identified several series of novel small molecules that delay ageing, control sexual attraction, or play important roles in C. elegans development. To validate the biological function of these novel small molecules, samples of the identified compounds are synthesized and used for chemical genetic screens to determine effects on lifespan, development, and fat metabolism. Compounds that show activity in wild-type C. elegans are subjected to additional assays with mutant or RNAi strains representative of key genetic pathways related to ageing and development.

Of particular interest is a class of molecules called ascarosides, which are synthesized by C. elegansand many other nematodes, but have not yet been detected outside of nematodes. Ascarosides are often active at exceedingly low concentrations, and affect a number of behavioral and developmental processes in nematodes. They have the potential to be useful for controlling pathogenic nematodes, including nematodes that cause human and animal disease, as well as pathogens of economically important crop plants. They may also be useful for attracting beneficial nematodes, for example entomopathogenic nematodes that kill insect pests. Nematodes have co-evolved with their hosts for millions years and appear to evade immune surveillance, suggesting that these parasites actively modulate their host’s immune system. Experiments to characterize effects of ascarosides on animal and plant immune responses are currently under way.

Collaboration and Consulting Opportunities

  • Identification of molecules that control parasitic nematodes in humans, livestock and plants
  • Identification and validation of signaling molecules and other bioactive small molecules in complex metabolite mixtures
  • 2D NMR-based comparative metabolomics for connecting genetic changes with changes in small molecule production
  • Synthesis of small molecules for validation of biological activity

Collaborations and Consulting

In the News

Research Overview

Please see our Group Website for recent news and publications, research updates, and teaching.

Our research is directed at characterizing structures and biological functions of biogenic small molecules (BSM’s). BSM’s play important roles in most biological processes, and detailed knowledge of their chemical structures and their interactions with other biomolecules is essential for advancing our molecular understanding of life. BSM’s regulate development and immune responses in plants and animals, and serve important functions in interactions of different organisms with each other. As a result, an organism’s metabolome essentially comprises a collection of small molecules with potentially useful affinities for specific molecular targets. Not surprisingly, BSM’s constitute the most important source of lead structures for drug development.

Compared to template-derived biological macromolecules such as proteins and nucleic acids, BSM’s are chemically much more diverse and correspondingly present great analytical challenges. As a result, genomic and proteomic knowledge has not yet been complemented by a comprehensive characterization of structures and functions of metabolomes, presenting one of the most significant barriers toward advancing our understanding of biological pathways.

The Schroeder lab aims to help close this knowledge gap by developing approaches for a more systematic structural and functional characterization of BSM’s. Usually, BSM’s occur as – often minor – components of a more or less complex biological matrix, comprising a large number of BSM’s and other biomolecules. Traditional approaches for the characterization of BSM’s such as HPLC-MS or activity-guided fractionation have distinct disadvantages that severely limit their applicability. Our aims is to develop NMR spectroscopy-based approaches that complement or enhance traditional methodology by enabling detailed characterization of BSM’s in complex biological samples, with regard to both chemical structure and biological function.

Based on NMR-spectroscopic methodology we have engaged in a comprehensive effort to characterize structures and functions of the metabolome (the entirety of all BSM’s) produced by the model organism Caenorhabditis elegans, focusing on several newly discovered compounds that control development, and ultimately lifespan. In addition we have started a project directed at investigating the chemical ecology of microorganisms in search of leads for new antibiotics. Complementing our interests in analytical chemistry, we pursue development of efficient syntheses for newly identified compounds with particular biological significance.

Please visit our research pages for more details!