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Latest Publications

Plant science decadal vision 2020-2030: Reimagining the potential of plants for a healthy and sustainable future
Henkhaus, N., Barlett, M., Gang, D., Grumet, R., Jordon-Thaden, I., Lorence, A., Lyons, E., Miller, …
Plant Direct..
WRKY22 and WRKY25 transcription factors are positive regulators of defense responses in Nicotiana benthamiana
Ramos, R.N., Martin, Gregory B., Pombo, M.A., Rosli, H.G.
Plant Mol Biol..
Reinterpretation of ‘sperm pump’ or ‘sperm syringe’ function with notes on other male internal reproductive organs in the Asian citrus psyllid, Diaphorina citri (Hemiptera: Liviidae)
Cicero, J.M., Hunter, W.B., Cano, L.M., Saha, S., Mueller, Lukas A., Brown, S.J.
Arthropod Struct Dev..
Identification of Uric Acid Gluconucleoside-Ascaroside Conjugates in Caenorhabditis elegans by Combining Synthesis and MicroED
Curtis, B.J., Kim, L.J., Wrobel, C.J.J., Eagan, J.M., Smith, R.A., Burch, J.E., Le, H.H., Artyukhin,…
Org Lett..
Kiwifruit Genome Database (KGD): a comprehensive resource for kiwifruit genomics
Yue, J., Liu, J., Tang, W., Wu, Y.Q., Tang, X., Li, W., Yang, Y., Wang, L., Huang, S., Fang, C., Zha…
Hortic Res..
Deep Sequencing of Small RNAs in the Whitefly Bemisia tabaci Reveals Novel MicroRNAs Potentially Associated with Begomovirus Acquisition and Transmission
Hasegawa, D.K., Shamimuzzaman, M., Chen, W., Simmons, A.M., Fei, Zhangjun, Ling, K.S.
Auxin Regulates Sucrose Transport to Repress Petal Abscission in Rose (Rosa hybrida)
Liang, Y., Jiang, C., Liu, Y., Gao, Y., Lu, J., Aiwaili, P., Fei, Zhangjun, Jiang, C.Z., Hong, B., M…
Plant Cell..
Comparative genomics of muskmelon reveals a potential role for retrotransposons in the modification of gene expression
Yano, R., Ariizumi, T., Nonaka, S., Kawazu, Y., Zhong, S., Mueller, Lukas, Giovannoni, James J., Ros…
Commun Biol..


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