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Latest Publications

Transcriptomic analysis of field-droughted sorghum from seedling to maturity reveals biotic and metabolic responses
Varoquaux, N., Cole, B., Gao, C., Pierroz, G., Baker, C.R., Patel, D., Madera, M., Jeffers, T., Holl…
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences.
Systematic sequencing of chloroplast transcript termini from Arabidopsis thaliana reveals >200 transcription initiation sites and the extensive imprints of RNA-binding proteins and secondary structures
Castandet, B., Germain, A., Hotto, A.M., Stern, David
Nucleic Acids Research.
Increased Rubisco content in maize mitigates chilling stress and speeds recovery
Salesse‐Smith, C., Sharwood, R., Busch, F., Stern, David
Plant Biotechnology Journal.
Photoaffinity probes for nematode pheromone receptor identification.
Zhang, Y.K., Reilly, D.K., Yu, J., Srinivasan, J., Schroeder, Frank
Organic & Biomolecular Chemistry.
The role of CRWN nuclear proteins in chromatin-based regulation of stress response genes
Junsik, C., Richards, Eric Jean
Plant Signaling & Behavior.
Editorial: Setaria as a Model Genetic System to Accelerate Yield Increases in Cereals, Forage Crops, and Bioenergy Grasses.
Doust, A.N., Brutnell, T.P., Upadhyaya, H.D., Van Eck, Joyce
Frontiers in Plant Science.
A polerovirus, Potato Leafroll virus, alters plant-vector interactions using three viral proteins
Patton, M.F., Bak, A., Sayre, J., Heck, Michelle L., Casteel C.L.
Plant Cell Environ..
Assessing protein sequence database suitability using de novo sequencing.
Johnson, R., Searle, B.C., Nunn, B.L., Gilmore, J.M., Phillips, M., Amemiya, C.T., Heck, Michelle L.…
Mol Cell Proteomics..

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