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Headshot of Gary Blissard
Understanding how viruses infect insects
BTI Full Professor Zhangjun Fei
Unraveling the complexity of fleshy fruit transcriptomes
Jim Giovannoni
Understanding the genetic basis of fruit development and ripening
Headshot of Maria Harrison
Understanding how soil fungi supply plants with mineral nutrients
Headshot of Georg Jander
Molecular and chemical ecology of plant-insect interactions
Magdalena Julkowska
Understanding how environmental stress shapes plant architecture
Headshot of Fay-Wei Li
Understanding the origin and evolution of plant diversity
Headshot of Greg Martin
How do bacteria infect plants and how do plants defend themselves from such attacks?
Headshot of Lukas Mueller
Understanding how scientists can harness Big Data for research and breeding
Andrew Nelson Headshot
Understanding how plants regulate their response to environmental stress
Headshot of Eric Richards
Understanding different aspects of epigenetics
Headshot of Frank Schroeder
Small-molecule signaling in model organisms
David Stern standing at his farm
Understanding how plants coordinate genes in different compartments
Joyce Van Eck Headshot
Applying the techniques of genetics and biotechnology to plant research

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