BTI Center for Translational Research

Translational Research Builds on the Findings of Fundamental Research to Produce Meaningful, Applicable Results that Directly Benefit Society

Through research and development, the center partners with BTI researchers to achieve four goals:

  • Produce data to strengthen intellectual property strategies
  • De-risk and advance technologies emerging from BTI labs towards commercialization
  • Produce data to support early-stage start-ups
  • Use unique technology platforms to expand the pipeline for new applications

A crucial asset of the Center is our connections with a broad range of stakeholders, from innovative Ag biotech actors to seed companies and farmers. Our networks extend from North America to Southeast Asia, Africa and South America, because we believe that we must better understand the needs of those we can help to truly understand how scientific discoveries can impact our world.

The Center is a unique and exciting environment where high-school and undergraduate students can intern, and early-career scientists can learn more about applied research and opportunities that exist in industry or in the field of technology transfer.

Our team is growing. We are in BTI’s Technology Incubator where early-stage start-ups are hosted.

Our Team

Julien Fey Headshot

Julien Fey

Director of the Translational Program

Headshot of Kelli Monce

Kelli Monce

Senior Administrator of the Translational Program

Headshot of Paul Debbie

Paul Debbie

Director of Research, Director of New Business Development

Headshot of Paul Debbie

Mamta Srivastava

Translational Program Associate

Headshot of Paul Debbie

Philippe Nicolas

Translational Research Scientist

Yao Chen headshot

Yao Chen

Translational Researcher

BTI researchers: Contact us if you would like to discuss a project idea or need help with funding your translational research.
Potential partners: Contact us if you would like to support our program or partner with our team.

The BTI Center for Translational Research was created in 2022 and is supported by the Cane-Bridge Foundation, Triad Foundation and the Boyce Thompson Institute. Thank you!

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