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Advancing Scientific Knowledge in Plant Biology

Research Areas

Guided by the mission to improve agriculture, protect the environment, and enhance human health, BTI’s faculty project leaders have a number of research specialties. Use the interactive images that follow to learn more about the major research areas explored in BTI laboratories.

    • Biotic Interactions

      Biotic interactions are a crucial aspect of plant science, revealing insight into pest control, nutrient absorption, and disease resistance.

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    • Cell Biology

      Development and cell biology focuses on the processes that contribute to the growth of organisms at the structural level.

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    • Chemical Biology

      Chemical biology is the application of chemical techniques, tools, and analyses to the study and manipulation of biological systems. Research in chemical biology at BTI focuses on the role of metabolism for human aging and disease; chemical signaling processes that control interactions between different species or members of the same species; and the functions of plant hormones in plant disease.

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    • Genomics and Systems

      Genomics and systems biology includes work by biologists and bioinformaticians who collaborate to understand complex systems at the molecular level.

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    • Stress Responses

      Environmental and stress responses are studied by faculty interested in how plants respond to abiotic stress and environmental cues.

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