BTI promotes faculty member Fay-Wei Li

The Boyce Thompson Institute (BTI) is delighted to announce that faculty member Fay-Wei Li has been promoted to Associate Professor on January 13. Li was evaluated on his achievements to date and likelihood of continued success in the future. Since joining BTI in...

A headshot of Fay-Wei Li in the BTI atrium.

Reflections on Sorina Popescu (1969 – 2022)

We at BTI were saddened to hear that former faculty member Sorina Popescu passed away at the end of last year after a long battle with cancer. Born in Romania, Sorina received a Master's degree in biology from the University of Bucharest, a Ph.D. in molecular...

A headshot of Sorina Popescu.

Finding genes to help fruit adapt to droughts

As climate change is expected to lead to more frequent periods of drought, researchers are increasingly working to make discoveries that can help plants adapt to prolonged water stress. Researchers from Boyce Thompson Institute and Cornell University have completed...

Carmen Catalá and Philippe Nicolas in a BTI greenhouse.

Jane Silverthorne, a giant of plant science

Dr. Jane Silverthorne, Chair of BTI’s Scientific Advisory Board and member of its Board of Directors, died unexpectedly on August 15, 2022. Jane’s rich biography and programmatic contributions have been remembered by UC Santa Cruz, where she held her first faculty...

Jane Silverthorne stands outside of BTI listening to a speech.

New insights into how serotonin regulates behavior

Rates of anxiety and depression have been increasing around the world for decades, a trend that has been sharply exacerbated by the COVID-19 pandemic. New research led by the Boyce Thompson Institute’s Frank Schroeder could ultimately lead to new therapeutics to...

Frank Schroeder and Jingfang Yu pose on either side of a mass spec machine.

Breedbase software to help speed crop improvement

To help plant breeders speed crop improvement around the world, Lukas Mueller of the Boyce Thompson Institute worked with an international team of 57 people to create Breedbase, a database software that was described in the July issue of G3. “In the current era of...

Lukas Mueller pose on either side of a server.

Reflections on Jay Jacobson (1934 – 2022)

We at BTI were sad to hear of the passing of Dr. Jay Jacobson, a plant physiologist who spent 35 years conducting research in the Environmental Biology group at the Institute. During the 1960s and 1970s, scientists began to recognize that the most serious and...

Closeup photo of Jay Jacobson looking at leaves in a greenhouse.

Reflections on Vladimir “Vlado” Macko (1930 – 2022)

We at BTI were sad to hear of the passing of Dr. Vladimir “Vlado” Macko, a plant biochemist who spent nearly 30 years conducting research at BTI. After joining BTI to work on rust fungi in December 1969, Macko and his colleagues discovered the chemical nature of...

Closeup black and white photo of Vlado Macko from 1993.

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