Lukas Mueller

Lukas Mueller
Office/Lab: 221
Phone: 607-255-6557
Office/Lab: 221
Office Phone: 607-255-6557
Affiliations: Adjunct Professor / Section of Plant Breeding and Genetics / School of Integrative Plant Science / Cornell University
Graduate Fields: Plant Breeding
Research Overview

In recent years, technological advances in fields such as sequencing have transformed certain aspects of biology into an information-based discipline.

To make this abundance of data—often called Big Data—useful to researchers and breeders, it needs to be organized and made accessible. Towards this goal, the Mueller lab designs and implements databases that assist scientists in their research and plant breeders in more efficient crop improvement.

Our databases and software make transcriptomic, genotypic and phenotypic data from thousands of experiments accessible to the public, often focusing on under-researched staple crops from food-insecure regions. A method called Genomic Selection that uses high-throughput genotyping technologies, such as genotyping-by-sequencing (GBS), and large phenotyping data sets allows for rapid prediction of desirable traits in new plant crosses.

Based on these tools, the Mueller laboratory collaborates on a variety of different projects. With the Nextgen Cassava project, we have created Cassavabase, a database specifically designed for cassava breeders in Africa. We coordinate the Solanaceae Genomics Network—a compilation of all the genetic information known about solanaceous plants, such as tomato, petunia and Nicotiana. We are also developing breeding databases for yam, sweet potato and the cooking banana and we work with the Genomic and Open-source Breeding Informatics Initiative (GOBII) to streamline crop breeding for five staple crops—wheat, rice, maize, sorghum and chickpea. Finally, the Mueller group is involved in multiple genome sequencing projects, including tomato, coffee, petunia and Nicotania benthamiana.


Access to data and tools for breeders and researchers, including genomic selection algorithms and analysis capacity, a cassava genome browser, cassava ontology tools, phenotyping tools, and social networking.

Citrus Greening Solutions
A systems-based pipeline approach for delivering commercial, grove-deployable solutions using a novel therapeutic delivery strategy and citrus transgenics.

A breeding database designed for advanced breeding methods in banana breeding.

A collection of Root Tubers & Banana Databases, which hold genomic and phenotypic information for next generation breeding applications.

Sol Genomics Network
A site for genome data of Solanaceae species such as tomato, potato, and pepper, and related to the tomato genome sequencing project.

Part of the Genomics Tools for Sweet Potato (GT4SP) Improvement Project focused on developing a set of “next generation” breeder tools for African sweetpotato breeders in Africa.

A database about breeding data for Yam (genus Dioscorea). Yam species that are being used for breeding include , Dioscorea rotundata, Dioscorea cayenensis (both are native to Africa and the major cultivated species), Dioscorea aleata (native to Southeast Asia), and Dioscorea praehensilis, as well as several other species.

Intern Projects

Interns in the Mueller lab work on a variety of bioinformatics and genomics projects and gain experience in the following areas: genome assembly, structural and functional annotation, biochemical pathways, comparative genomics, ontology development and data presentation and visualization.

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