Congratulations to BTI’s Spring 2022 Graduates!

by | Jun 1, 2022

A composite image of three separate photos. On the left, a full shot of a group of eight people, including Alex Ogbonna in a black cap and red and black gown. In the center, a medium shot of Marty Alani and Georg Jander in black caps and gowns. On the right, a medium shot of Elijah Gallimore-Repole and Georg Jander in black caps and gowns.

Three BTI researchers graduated from Cornell University this Spring. From left to right: Alex Ogbonna, Ph.D., poses with friends and family; Marty Alani, B.S., poses with Georg Jander; Elijah Gallimore-Repole, B.A., poses with Georg Jander. (Photos provided.)

We are pleased to announce that three BTI researchers received their degrees during the Cornell University commencement ceremony on May 28.

Congratulations to our newest alumni!

  • Alex Ogbonna, Mueller lab, PhD in Plant Breeding & Genetics, Dissertation title: “The impact of modern breeding on key traits architecture evolution through domestication and its implication for the cassava breeding approach.”
  • Marty Alani, Jander lab, BS in Plant Sciences, Thesis title: “Towards an Understanding of Cardenolide Biosynthesis in Erysimum cheiranthoides L. (Brassicaceae, Wormseed Wallflower).”
  • Elijah Gallimore-Repole, Jander lab, BA in Biological Sciences and BA in Chemistry & Chemical Biology, Biological Sciences Honors Thesis title: “Investigating overexpression of three candidate insect herbivory resistance genes in Setaria viridis and the potential resultant effects on Spodoptera frugiperda herbivory.”
  • You make us proud, and we wish you the best of luck in all of your future endeavors!

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