BTI Professors Present to Bill Gates

by | Oct 9, 2014

Zhangjun Fei and Dr. Craig Yencho present poster

BTI Associate Professor Zhangjun Fei and Dr. Craig Yencho presented poster about Sweetpotato project, October 1, 2014, photo by Robert Barker, Cornell Media

David Stern meets with Bill Gates

BTI President and CEO David Stern meets with Bill Gates on October 1, 2014, at Cornell. At left, Sarah Evanega, of the Alliance for Science. Photo by Robert Barker, Cornell Media

Fei, Gates poster

On October 1, 2014, Bill Gates visited Cornell to dedicate the Bill and Melinda Gates Hall—the home of The Faculty of Computing and Information Science, and while he was on campus three BTI professors met Bill Gates and his team and presented the progress of their Gates-funded projects. Zhangjun Fei presented an update of the Sweetpotato project in Sub-saharan Africa, Lukas Mueller presented on a number of bioinformatics and database collaborations, and David Stern was part of a round table discussion about biotech communication challenges and opportunities.
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