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Bioinformatics Courses

Courses offered by BTI Computational Biology Center. The following pages provide more information about bioinformatics and relevant computational resources:

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Office Hours

Bioinformatics Consulting Space is located in room 224 on the second floor. Consulting requests should be made by:
1) visiting during the open office hours Tuesday 2-3pm and Thursday 1-2pm.
2) e-mail: Adrian Powell (afp43@cornell.edu), Shan Wu (sw728@cornell.edu) and Jing Zhang (jz322@cornell.edu)
Please restrict your requests to these two mechanisms to allow the consultants to pursue scheduled consulting work as well as their own research.


The following services are available through the BCBC:

Consulting: Consulting hours are held weekly on Tuesday and Wednesday. Consulting consists of question-and-answer sessions on the following topics:

  • Server Accounts and Usage
  • Experimental Design
  • Linux and Bioinformatics Tools Instruction
  • Expression Analysis Using RNA-seq
  • SNP Calling
  • Structural Variation
  • Comparative Genomics

Other services may be available upon request. Please contact the BCBC team or attend the BTI Bioinformatics Hour.

Courses: The Introduction to Bioinformatics is held in the spring and covers basic bioinformatics skills including: Intro to Unix command line, Next-generation Sequencing (NGS) analysis, and R scripting. The course is open to BTI, Cornell, and visiting interns/scientists. Additional courses and modes of instruction are being explored.

Training: BCBC provides training and resources on a variety of topics. Researchers interested in using BCBC shared servers can receive training on server use and pre-installed pipelines available for many types of data analysis. BCBC distributes training resources to BTI available through venues including Cornell CBSU, Statistical Consulting, and CyVerse.

Data Analysis: BCBC can provide data analysis for researchers. An initial QC of data will be performed after which a formal research plan will be agreed upon.

Research Proposals: BCBC enhances research proposals through collaboration with BTI faculty, as well submitting BCBC-led research proposals to further the mission of developing new methods in a collaborative framework to advance understanding of the complexity of plant life.

Service Fees

Fees will be accrued based on individual project needs as described below.

Internal without Charge: The following services will be free of charge for BTI researchers:

  • Consulting
  • Intro to Bioinformatics Course
  • Computational Infrastructure
  • Training

Internal Fees: Fees will be incurred at a rate of $50 per hour on the following services for BTI researchers:

  • Quality Control: Data to be used in further analysis by BCBC will undergo an initial QC (Phase 1) to determine appropriate next steps. Phase 1 will be billed per hour with a cap.
  • Data Analysis: An initial QC of data will be performed after which a formal research plan will be agreed upon to determine workflow, authorship, cost, and timeline. We encourage users to meet with us to discuss experimental design prior to generation of data.
  • Software Pipeline Development: BCBC can develop custom software for novel analyses. As many bioinformatics analyses are exploratory, a work package description and timeline will be drawn up for each project component. Once a pipeline is developed, it will be installed on BCBC servers and will become a routine analysis that will fall under “training”.
  • Courses other than the Intro to Bioinformatics Course held for BTI researchers and interns.

Collaborators are encouraged to include support through grant proposals.

External/Corporate fees: External projects and collaborations will take the form of collaborative grant proposals or service contracts. Usage fees will be $90/hr. Courses aimed at external applicants will be assigned a per applicant fee based on covering course expenses


  Internal External Academic Industry
BTI Intro to Bioinformatics course No charge For fee For fee
Additional courses No charge For fee For fee
Consulting hours No charge Not offered Not offered
Server time No charge Not offered Not offered
Data storage and back up Not offered Not offered Not offered
Training on servers No charge Not offered Not offered
Quality Control $50/hour $60/hour $90/hour
Data analysis $50/hour $60/hour $90/hour
Software development $50/hour $60/hour $90/hour


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