BCBC Symposium

BCBC 2019 Nanopore Symposium

The Nanopore Symposium will showcase how they are using Oxford Nanopore Technology in their research and how to make a nanopore library, perform sequencing on a flow cell, and analyze the output.


Click here for more info and videos of the presentations.

Peter Schweitzer

Jacob Landis

Jon Sanders

Michael Alonge

Susan Strickler

Adrian Powell

Elizabeth McCarthy

BCBC 2018 Symposium

The Symposium will showcase the many applications of computational biology and bioinformatics across the tree of life with talks from leading researchers in these areas.

Click here for more info and videos of the presentations.

Part 1: 9 – 10:15am, Opening Remarks, David Bonter

Part 2: 10:30am – 12pm, Carla Gomes, Carol Huang

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