BCBC 2019 Nanopore Symposium

The BCBC is excited to host Applying nanopore sequencing technology in biological research on October 28 & 29, 2019!


Oct 28th: Speakers will showcase how they are using Oxford Nanopore Technology in their research. (Free, registration appreciated)


Oct 29th: Hands-on workshops on how to make a nanopore library, perform sequencing on a flow cell, and analyze the output. Please contact Susan Strickler (srs57@cornell.edu) to register for the workshop. (Fee $50)


See below for our full line-up of speakers.


Speakers / October 28, 2019

Konstantinos PotamousisKonstantinos Potamousis – 10:00am

Oxford Nanopore Technologies
“Oxford Nanopore Technologies”

Jon SandersJon Sanders – 3:30pm

Cornell University
“Towards practical population metagenomics using leaderboard sequencing”

Peter SchweitzerPeter Schweitzer – 11:00am

Biotechnology Resource Center
“Resources available in the Biotechnology Resource Center for MinION sequencing”

Michael AlongeMichael Alonge – 4:00pm

John Hopkins
“Using Oxford Nanopore sequencing to resolve complex structural variants in plants”

Fay Wei LiFay Wei Li – 1:30pm

Boyce Thompson Institute
“Exploring biodiversity genomics using nanopore sequencing”

Susan StricklerSusan Strickler – 4:30pm

Boyce Thompson Institute
“Reference genomes for non-model plant species using ONT”

Jacob LandisJacob Landis – 2:00pm

Cornell University
“Using hybrid-assemblies of genomes and transcriptomes to address evolutionary and ecological questions in species with complex genomes”

Adrian PowellAdrian Powell – 4:45pm

Boyce Thompson Institute
“The genome of the American beech (Fagus grandifolia): a resource for addressing beech bark disease”

Margaret FrankMargaret Frank – 2:30pm

Cornell University
“Filling in genomic resource gaps with Oxford Nanopore long read sequencing​”

Speakers / October 29, 2019

Gary HorvathGary Horvath – 9:00am

Boyce Thompson Institute
“Safety training”

Elizabeth McCarthyElizabeth McCarthy – 1:00pm

SUNY Cortland
“Using 3rd generation sequencing technology to quantify homeolog expression bias in Nicotiana polyploids”

Fay Wei LiFay Wei Li – 9:10am

Boyce Thompson Institute
“Introduction to ONT library prep and flow cell loading”

Susan StricklerSusan Strickler – 1:30pm

Boyce Thompson Institute
“Bioinformatics data processing of ONT sequence”

Peter Schweitzer

Jacob Landis

Jon Sanders

Michael Alonge

Susan Strickler

Adrian Powell

Elizabeth McCarthy

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