Updated BTI mission statement emphasizes dedication to discovery

by | Mar 19, 2018

BTI's updated mission statement

The Boyce Thompson Institute (BTI) is pleased to announce an amended mission statement that emphasizes BTI’s dedication to discovery science.

The amended statement is the result of several working sessions, inspired by the American Society of Plant Biologist’s Decadal Vision (2015-2025) and the Plant Science Research Network’s Imagining Plant Science in 2035, that brought together members of BTI’s Senior Leadership team, Board of Directors, faculty and support staff.

The mission statement has been updated to change “knowledge” to “discovery”, reflecting BTI’s emphasis on active scientific discovery rather than accumulated knowledge.

“While changing a single word may not immediately seem important,” said President and CEO, David Stern, the concept of ‘discovery’ instead of ‘knowledge’ goes to the heart of our mission.” Discoveries lead to new knowledge, which becomes part of our collective understanding of plants and other organisms. That foundational knowledge then forms the basis for fulfillment of the other component of BTI’s mission, which produces societal benefits in agriculture, environment and health.

To accomplish the vision set forth in the amended mission statement, BTI stakeholders are working towards a strategic plan which will chart the institute’s specific goals over the next five years.

“The possibility of making discoveries is why many of our researchers were attracted to science in the first place,” said Stern, and it is the impact of discoveries that was at the heart of William Boyce Thompson’s vision. We are excited to continue that mission as we approach BTI’s 100th anniversary.


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