Current Budget Status

Grants managers consistently monitor individual project budgets to ensure expenses are in compliance with sponsor conditions. A monthly budget report is sent to PIs to review for any inaccurate expenses.

PIs can monitor their grant and project budgets in real-time by using the BTI Web Portal.

If you do not know your login or password for the web portal, please contact Information Services.

To access your current project budget you must be on the private BTI network. Those accessing the network from a public, wireless or non-Cornell network must create a VPN connection to the BTI network.


Step 1: Log into the Web Portal

  • web portal login
  • Use your NetID as User ID.
  • To request a new password e-mail BTI Help.
  • Password can be changed by clicking “Change BTI password” from left menu.

Step 2: Access Project Cost Reports

  • Select and click Grant Cost Report from left menu.

Step 3: Choose Grant to view

  • Select Unit Code from Unit Code pull down.
  • Or choose ‘all’ grants to view all.

Step 4: View Report

  • Click “View Report” button on upper right.

Step 5: To View More Detail

  • Select the “+” by any field to see more detail.

Note: Because the Web Portal is connecting to our system, it may take a few minutes to load your grant budgets. Please be patient. If you have questions about any of your expenses, how to use this module, or wish to make budget changes, please contact your grant manager.

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