Seed Saving

Did you enjoy your experience growing Physalis this year? If so, we invite you to save your seeds for future crops! To save seed remove the seeds from the pulp of the fruit. We have found that squishing the fruit in a cup of water is an easy method to get the seeds to release with minimal mess. Once you’ve gotten your seeds, take care to remove as much of the gel surrounding the seeds as you can, this will help future germination. Once your seeds are clean leave them out to dry for about 48 hours, or until thoroughly dry. Store your seeds in a dry  area at room temperature and they will be ready for planting next year!


Its been almost 5 months since we started our goldenberries in the greenhouse, and almost two months since transplanting outside. Though they were slow to start, the plants have really started to take off and are beginning to produce ripe fruit. The numerous branches and tall stems require support to maintain an upright position, so we have installed a trellising system known as the Florida Weave (pictured below)

We used 7 foot T-stakes and heavy duty twine to create our trellis, weaving the twine in between each plant. More details on the Florida Weave can also be found at this blog:

If you’ve found a trellising system that works well for you, please share, we are always looking for new ideas and feedback.