A Project Update

Greetings Everyone! Can you believe it is already the last week of April? Though it has been a rainy and snowy month here in Upstate NY, we have started to see glimmers of Spring sunshine, making us hopeful for a warmer month to come! Our plants in the greenhouse have been soaking up the sunshine, and are eager to go into the field next month.

We have also been thrilled to hear from so many of you regarding your progress with your Physalis plants. Please keep sending updates, and have a look at our Twitter page to see how other’s plants are doing. It’s great to connect with participants all over the country! Here are just some of the many photos we have received:

Physalis in the Wild- A New Citizen Science Opportunity!

If you come across what you think might be Physalis growing in the wild we want to know! A common feature that can help identify Physalis is the inflated calyx or husk surrounding the fruit. If you see something that might be Physalis, we invite you to log it as an observation in our iNaturalist group.  Once you’ve created a profile and joined the group (as many of you already have) you can upload your observations. For more instructions on how to use iNaturalist visit our website for step-by-step instructions.

Growing Tips!

Here are some quick tips as your plants continue to grow:

  • Keep your plants in a sunny area, they thrive in warm conditions
  • Transplant your plants into well-drained soil
  • Use a stake or trellis to help support your plants as they grow

For more detailed growing tips and information about data collection check out our website.