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Advancing Scientific Knowledge in Plant Biology

Technology Transfer

Ensuring That Society Benefits from BTI ResearchGranados, story web

The Boyce Thompson Institute (BTI) makes fundamental discoveries in plant biology with support from federal and private grants. An important part of our mission is to identify basic research results that can be applied to commercial or humanitarian goals: to improve agriculture, enhance human health, or protect the environment. Discoveries with commercial potential are submitted for patent protection. By reaching out to scientists in industry, we identify opportunities for licensing, collaborative research, or consulting.

Collaborations and Consulting

The expertise of BTI scientists includes such diverse areas as plant disease and insect resistance; fundamentals of photosynthesis and abiotic stress tolerance; and genome-scale capabilities, including DNA and RNA sequencing, bioinformatics, small molecule chemistry, and functional proteomics. In addition, we have expertise in plant transformation and insect cell culture.

Discoveries Making an Impact

Seminal BTI discoveries include:

  • Vaccine and other protein production in insect cell lines
  • Natural small molecules in plant and human health
  • Plant disease resistance
    • Salicylic acid pathway for systemic acquired resistance
    • Plant and bacterial proteins in innate and effector-triggered immunity
  • Plant insect resistanceplant genes and small signaling molecules
  • Plant-based vaccines

Industry Opportunities