Resource Center

Resource Center

The BTI Resource Center assists scientists and staff with outreach, fundraising/sponsorship support, communications, tech transfer, and bioinformatics support. The space also features open reading and workspace, a printer, and a small library for general use.

The following offices are located in the Information Resource Center:

Institutional Advancement

Communications: Communications is always looking for content to share with the public, to help spread the word about BTI science. From press releases, website updates, videos, social media, podcasts, communications based broader impacts initiatives, and beyond, BTI communications staff can assist BTI researchers with communicating their research to an increasingly broad audience. Contact: Keith Hannon

Alumni Relations: If you are looking to build relationships with BTI alumni in industry and academia, potential alumni guest speakers, or are looking for support and continued connection as a BTI alumni, they can help.  Contact: Kelli Monce

Development: Development staff can assist by seeking sponsorships for seminars, symposia, capital equipment, and more.  Contact: Aurora Ulbing

Education and Outreach

Education and outreach focus on coordinating and implementing broader impacts based education initiatives, including the PGRP summer internship program. Contact: Delanie Sickler

Technology Transfer and Licensing

The technology transfer office helps researchers to identify discoveries with commercial potential and submits them for patent protection. By reaching out to scientists in industry, they identify opportunities for licensing, collaborative research, or consulting. Contact: Paul Debbie

Bioinformatics Consultation and Workspace

The resource center features a Bioinformatics conference area with tabletop screen and inputs for multiple computers (maximum five people). Bioinformatics hour takes place in the Resource Center from 1-2 pm on Wednesdays. Researchers can drop-in during that time for help with many topics, including NGS analysis, scripting, and using the BTI Linux analysis servers. Contact: Suzy Strickler or Yi Zheng

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