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Cover of "Light and Video Microscopy" by Randy Wayne
Light and Video Microscopy (Randy Wayne). Available at Cornell. This book prepares readers for accurate interpretation of an image and understanding of the living cell.
Cover of "Live Cell Imaging" by Robert D. Goldman and David L. Spector
Live Cell Imaging (Robert D. Goldman and David L. Spector). Available at Cornell. This manual is a compendium of emerging techniques, organized into two parts: specific methods such as fluorescent labeling, and delivery and detection of labeled molecules in cells; and experimental approaches ranging from the detection of single molecules to the study of dynamic processes in organelles, organs, and whole animals. Although presented primarily as a laboratory manual, the book includes introductory and background material and could be used as a textbook in advanced courses. (Retrieved from Amazon.com.)
Cover of "Confocal Microscopy for Biologists" by Alan R. Hibbs
Confocal Microscopy for Biologists (Alan R. Hibbs). Available at Cornell. This manual is intended to teach the basic concepts of microscopy, fluorescence, digital imaging, and the principles of confocal microscopy. It is an excellent reference source for information related to confocal microscopy for both beginners and more advanced users. (Retrieved from wikiscope.org.)


Fluorescence Microscopy–Avoiding the Pitfalls
Claire M. Brown, Journal of Cell Science 120 (2007): 17031705

The Good, the Bad and the Ugly
Helen Pearson, Nature, 447 (2007): 138140

New Gateways to Discovery
Michael M. Goodin et al., Plant Physiology 145 (2007): 11001109

Fluorescent Protein Applications in Microscopy
Aaron F. Straight, Methods in Cell Biology 81 (2007): 93113

Seeing Is Believing? A Beginners’ Guide to Practical Pitfalls in Image Acquisition
Alison J. North, JCB 172 (2006): 918

A Guide to Choosing Fluorescent Proteins
Nathan C. Shaner et al., Nature Methods 2 (2005): 905909

Fluorescent Proteins as a Toolkit for in Vivo Imaging
Dmitriy M. Chudakov et al., Trends in Biotechnology 23 (2005): 605613

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