Equipment Manuals

Equipment Manuals


Beckman Coulter   (PDF; 179.6 KB)
J-Series Rotors and Tubes (PDF; 1.5 MB)
Rotors and Tubes for Beckman Coulter Preparative Ultracentrifuges (PDF; 959.3 KB)
Rotors and Tubes for Beckman Coulter Tabletop Preparative Ultracentrifuges (PDF; 715 KB)
Chemical Resistances for Beckman Coulter Products (PDF; 178.7 KB)
SW32Ti Swinging Bucket Rotor
SW41Ti Swinging Bucket Rotor
SW60Ti Swinging Bucket Rotor
Type 90 Rotor
XE90 Manual-B07711AB-2014 Preparative Ultracentrifuge
TLA-55 Rotor (PDF; 193.6 KB)
TLS-55 Rotor (PDF; 196 KB)
Ultracentrifuge Rotors Manual
TLA-100.4 Rotor
TLA-120.1 Rotor
Sorvall 5C-RC Plus (PDF; 3.9 MB)
Sorvall Rotor Tubes (PDF; 569 KB)


Frac950 Dispenser Arm Kit (PDF; 162.3 KB)
Frac950 Funnel to Flask Kit (PDF; 131.6 KB)
Frac950 Prepmode Rack Kits (PDF; 107.1 KB)
Frac950 User Manual (PDF; 1.9 MB)
Fractionater Manual (PDF; 450.1 KB)
Mixer M925 Instructions (PDF; 371 KB)
MonitorUPC900 User Manual  (PDF; 361.9 KB)
PumpP920 User Manual (PDF; 347.5 KB
Valve Instructions (PDF; 301.6 KB)

UNICORN™ Software

Getting Started (PDF; 1.9 MB)
User Manual (PDF; 7.6 MB)
Admin Manual (PDF; 3 MB)

Software Changes

UNICORN3 1vs3_0 (PDF; 165.8 KB)
UNICORN3 2vs3_1  (PDF; 155.9 KB)
UNICORN4 0vs3_2 (PDF; 166.5 KB)
UNICORN4 12vs4_0 (PDF; 264.5 KB)
UNICORN5 0vs4_12 (PDF; 290.6 KB)
UNICORN5 01ABvsAA (PDF; 48.4 KB)
UNICORN5 01vs5_0 (PDF; 215.9 KB)

ÄKTA™ FPLC Chromatography System

Installation Manual (PDF; 1.6 MB)
Making Your First Run (PDF; 1.6 MB)
FPLC_Optional_Config (PDF; 3.4 MB)
System Manual (PDF; 2.4 MB)


Kodak Image Station 440CF Manual (PDF; 4.6 MB)
Microtek ScanMaker 5950 Manual (PDF; 1.5 MB)
Storm User Manual (PDF; 1.2 MB)
GelDoc XR UV Imaging Quick Guide GK 7.07 2 (PDF; 34 KB)
GelDox_SR_System_Manual (PDF; 2.5 MB)
Nikon_D80_Cameral_manual (PDF; 8.9 MB)

Liquid Scintillation

Beckman LSC LS6500 Manual (PDF; 5.5 MB)

Microplate Readers

SPECTRAmax® PLUS384 User Manual (PDF; 623.1 KB)
SPECTRAmax® PLUS384 User Manual (PDF; 6 MB)


Olympus SZX Base Manual (PDF; 3.4 MB)
Olympus SZX Microscope (PDF; 4.6 MB)

Light Sources

Halogen Light Source Manual (PDF; 538 KB)


Olympus MagnaFire Manual (PDF; 2.1 MB)
Optronics MagnaFire Manual (PDF; 2.7 MB)


ABBE-3L Refractometer Manual (PDF; 7.3 MB)


ABI Prism® 3100 Genetic Analyzer Manual (PDF; 3.9 MB)

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