Enabling Technologies

enabling_technologiesEnabling technologies, or tools for biological discovery, are key to the success of plant science research. Databases, sequencing methods, and data analysis software are just a few of the useful aids designed to increase the efficiency of research techniques.

The following BTI laboratories work to develop and improve enabling technologies:

Cassava Project

BTI held workshops to enable researchers in Africa to plan how to share results from field trials into a shared database.


Boyce Thompson Institute (BTI) scientists have initiated projects that promote collaboration between labs and institutions, both within BTI, nationwide, and internationally.

  • Researchers who use Nicotiana benthamiana as a study plant can share resources using the Nicotiana benthamiana site.
  • The Cassavabase Project website supports the NextGen Cassava Project, which is organizing data from field trials in Africa to improve breeding of cassava in Africa.
  • BTI has a leadership role in the Decadal Vision to promote the importance of plant science, nationwide, and the research education system, and, again, promote communication among significant stakeholders.
  • Sol Genomics is a site for genome data of Solanaceae species such as tomato, potato, and pepper.

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