Magdalena Julkowska Joins BTI as Newest Faculty Member

Boyce Thompson Institute is excited to welcome Magdalena Julkowska to Ithaca, where she becomes our newest Assistant Professor. Magda’s main research focus is how environmental stress affects plant development and architecture, and she also plans to build an...

A medium closeup picture of Magda Julkowska holding a small plant in her left hand. The plant's roots are still in a clump of dirt in a way so that you can see the natural root architecture.

Summer Intern Blog Weeks 3 & 4: Demystifying Grad School

For a long time, I’ve avoided thinking about grad school. It’s not too hard to do at my small, undergrad-only college. During my first few years, it simply didn’t seem relevant. I was focused on athletics, classwork, and research. Graduate studies seemed like a...

A full photo of BTI summer intern Emily Humphreys sitting on a rocky outrcop in Shenandoah National Park. The sky is blue with a few puffy clouds, and there are mountains in the distance.

BTI Awarded Numerous Grants

While the past few months have disrupted all sense of normalcy, BTI researchers and staff have remained productive while working from home, or as parts of skeleton crews within the building. As the Institute uses a phased approach to slowly reopen our facilities, a...

The front of Boyce Thompson Institute.

Congratulations Spring 2020 Graduates!

We are pleased to announce that six BTI researchers received their degrees from Cornell University this spring. Congratulations to our newest alumni: Jason Hoki, Schroeder lab, PhD in Chemistry & Chemical Biology, Dissertation title: “Development of...

BTI Graduate Students Receive Schmittau-Novak Grants

We would like to congratulate five BTI graduate students who are Spring 2020 Schmittau-Novak Grants Program recipients. Supported by a bequest from the estate of Jean Schmittau in honor of Joseph Novak, Cornell University Plant Biology Professor Emeritus, the...

Closeup photos of Marina Mann, Alex Ogbonna, Srinivasan Krishnan, Tanner Robison and Gordon Younkin.

Algal genome provides insights into first land plants

In order to shift from water to land – a transition that still puzzles scientists – plants had to protect themselves from drying out and from ultraviolet (UV) radiation, and they had to develop structures to support themselves without the buoyancy provided by...

Microscopic view of Penium margaritaceum.

Harnessing Psyllid Peptides to Fight Citrus Greening Disease

Citrus greening disease, also called huanglongbing (HLB), is a bacterial infection of citrus trees that results in small, misshapen and sour fruits that are unsuitable for consumption, ultimately killing the tree. Because there is no cure, HLB is a major threat to...

A medium picture of BTI’s Laura Fleites (left) and Michelle Heck (right) looking at a tray of about a dozen small citrus seedlings in a greenhouse.


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