Intern Anniversary Series: Joe Groom

by | Mar 18, 2016

2010 Joe Groom 15thJoe Groom

2010 intern with Jian Hua, while studying at Vanderbilt University

Now: Current graduate student working on his Ph.D. in genetics, at the University of Georgia, studying genetic tools and gene regulation in thermophilic bacteria that natively degrade plant material. He received a Presidential Fellowship from the university and plans to pursue postdoctoral research and a career in a national laboratory.

Who was your mentor and how did the person shape your experience at BTI?

Jian Hua was a great mentor, and she and her postdocs gave me a great crash course in both the theoretical and methodological aspects of model organism genetics…I really appreciate her continuing scientific support.

How did your experience at BTI affect your career path and what is your current position?

The internship showed me that I enjoyed hands on research, and gave me a glimpse of how exciting and overwhelming it can be. It made me want to prove to myself that I could think and work creatively and independently, and set me on the course to graduate school in genetics.

Would you recommend this experience to others and why?

I definitely would, because the internship forced me to think about new topics and learn new techniques in a new environment. This experience let me begin to develop versatility and problem solving skills, which I have applied in graduate school and as a visiting scholar at a national laboratory. I also made some of the coolest friends, and had a great time in a beautiful place.

More information on the Plant Genome Research Program summer internship and its history is available here.  

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