Intern Anniversary Series: Andrew Gipson

by | Mar 25, 2016

Andrew Gipson 2011 InternAndrew Gipson

2011 intern with Maureen Hanson while studying at Kenyon College

Now: Currently pursuing his Ph.D. in Molecular Biology and Genetics at Cornell University with aspirations to introduce new generations of college students to research at a liberal arts college.

Who was your mentor and how did the person shape your experience at BTI? Are you still in touch?

I worked under Maureen Hanson. I appreciated her balance between intellectual guidance and giving me freedom to roam. Now that I’m attending graduate school at Cornell, Maureen is someone I go to for ideas and guidance, or even the occasional idle chat.

How did your experience at BTI affect your career path and what is your current position?

My experience in full-time research at BTI laid the foundations for completing my thesis project in college and a two-year technician position in Minnesota. The BTI internship gave me a sense of what grad school would be like and it solidified my decision to go that route. I’ve come back to Cornell for a Ph.D. in biochemistry and I’m even doing a rotation at a BTI lab.

Would you recommend this experience to others and why?

I would most definitely recommend the BTI internship. A summer program like the PGRP is a uniquely suitable chance to gain full-time research experience as an undergrad. Even if you aren’t planning to pursue a career in academia, the skills and relationships you can build at BTI will be ones you will draw from again and again.

More information on the Plant Genome Research Program summer internship and its history is available here.  

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