BTI Scientists Flock to Annual Plant and Animal Genome Conference

by | Jan 8, 2016

Plant & Animal Genome XXIVThe hallways of Boyce Thompson Institute will be a little quieter this week, as more than a dozen researchers escape the Ithaca winter by flying to San Diego for the 24th Plant & Animal Genome Meeting (PAG).

The conference is the “largest ag-genomics meeting in the world,” according to the website, and many far-flung collaborators and research groups hold their own annual meetings during the event. At PAG, researchers can attend hundreds of talks and posters on advances in genome research and sign up for workshops to learn how to use the latest bioinformatics tools.

At this year’s meeting, BTI continues to have a strong presence, just as it has over the past several years.

Attendees interested in learning more about BTI research can see the posters and talks listed below:

W730: A CRISPR-Library Approach for Targeted Knockout of the LRR-RLK XII Gene Family in Tomato

W256: Utilization of CRISPR/Cas9 to Study Meristem Growth and Shoot Architecture in the Solanaceae

W584: Managing Phenotypic Data through Cassavabase with Fieldbook App

W133: Unlocking the Breeding Potential of African Crops through Efficient Data Management: The Example of Cassavabase

P0051: Transcriptome Analysis of Bemisia tabaci during Tomato yellow leaf curl virus (TYLCV) Acquisition and RNA Interference to Manage Whitefly-transmitted Viruses

P0707: The Genome of Whitefly (Bemisia tabaci) MEAM1, an Important Vector of Plant Viruses

P0116: Bacterial Symbiont Metacomunities Infecting Whiteflies and a Case Study on Their Molecular Interactions with the Host

W604: Genomic and Open-source Breeding Informatics Initiative (GOBII)

W440: The Genomic & Open-source Breeding Informatics Initiative

P0355: VirusDetect: Efficient and Accurate Discovery of Virus By Deep Sequencing of Small RNAs

P1041: A Draft Mitochondrial Genome for Leucaena trichandra (Mimosoidaea: Leguminosae)

W511: BRAPI, a Community-Based Effort for Standardizing Breeding Application Interfaces

W462: Messenger RNA Exchange between Scions and Rootstocks in Grafted Grapevines


Sol Genomic Network Workshop

3164: SGN and RTB Databases: Genomics and Breeder Tools

W830: Introduction to SGN and Genomics Tools

W831: solGS: A Web-based Solution for Genomic Selection

W832: The Breeder Toolbox, a Versatile Kit to Manage Phenotypes and Breeding Trials in Multiple Crops


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