BTI promotes faculty members Schroeder and Van Eck

by | Aug 6, 2018

Boyce Thompson Institute president, David Stern, has officially announced promotions for faculty members Frank Schroeder and Joyce Van Eck. Both researchers were thoroughly reviewed and evaluated on both their achievements to date and the potential they possess.

Headshot of Frank Schroeder

Professor Frank Schroeder

“BTI is fortunate to have such extraordinary scientists in our midst, as many of you know from personal experience,” said Stern. “As President, I am grateful for their hard work, leadership, and many contributions to the past and future of the Boyce Thompson Institute.”

Schroeder is a chemist focused on improving understanding of biogenic small molecules (BSM’s). By learning more about BSM’s, Schroeder lab hopes to improve our overall understanding of life processes. Schroder was evaluated by both BTI and Cornell, and was promoted to Full Professor at BTI on December 1, 2017. Following a positive vote of the Cornell Trustees in May 2018, his promotion to Full Professor at Cornell was also made official. David Stern praised Professor Schroeder for conducting research that captures the imagination of all scientists around him.

“Colleagues referred to Frank’s creativity, methodological prowess and exciting findings, and to the more recent movement of some of these findings towards applied objectives,” said Stern

Headshot of Joyce Van Eck

Associate Professor Joyce Van Eck

Joyce Van Eck specializes in harnessing evolving biotechnology in support of gene function and crop improvement. Her work was recently featured as a cover story in WIRED magazine. Van Eck was promoted to Associate Professor on March first. Van Eck’s impressive research has earned her a “magical” reputation, but David Stern says her contributions to science go well beyond that.

“We all know her (Van Eck) as a wizard of plant modification, the leader of an outstanding facility, and more recently, for her exciting work in plant architecture. Her colleagues and peers recognized her global profile and collaborative spirt, over and above her technical contributions,” said Stern.

Visit their lab websites for additional information on Frank Schroeder and Joyce Van Eck.

The stated mission of the Boyce Thompson Institute is to advance and communicate scientific discovery in plant biology to improve agriculture, protect the environment, and enhance human health.


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