BTI Celebrates 90 Years on November 13 and 14, 2014

by | Oct 29, 2014

William Boyce Thompson

William Boyce Thompson, (1869-1930)

Dr. W. Crocker, Dr. J. M. Coulter, Dr. L.R. Jones, Dr. R.F. Bacon, Colonel W.B. Thompson and Mrs. T. Schulze

From left to right, Dr. WIlliam Crocker, Dr. John M. Coulter, Dr. L.R. Jones, Dr. R.F. Bacon, Colonel WIlliam B. Thompson, and Mrs. Theodore Schulze, WBT’s daughter, (later Mrs. Margaret T. Biddle)

Boyce Thompson Institute for Plant Research celebrates 90 years on November 13 and 14th, 2014

Thursday – November 13, BTI Board of Directors meeting followed by  Board/special guests, invitation-only dinner at BTI
Friday – November 14, BTI staff, guests, and public

  •  9:00 AM    Breakfast for all BTI staff and guests
  •  9:30 AM     Evolution of an Institution
      • Opening remarks & welcome, Laura Phillips, Chair, Board of Directors
      • ‘Conversations with the Colonel’  historical drama
      • Reflections and dialogue with Professors Emeritii
        • Bob Granados, culture and family @ BTI
        • Bob Kohut, Environmental Biology at BTI
        • Alan Wood, first field trials
      • Insights from BTI Alumni
        • Adam Bogdanove, Professor, SIPS, Cornell University
        • Julien Fey, Director of Research & Development, NovaSterilis
        • William Rapp, Research scientist, Monsanto
        • Ping Wang, Associate professor, Entomology, Cornell
  • 11:50 AM    Concluding remarks, Greg Martin, Acting President, BTI
  • 12:00 PM    Lunch for BTI staff and guests

We are delighted to be welcoming special guests, including Ralph Hardy, former President of BTI.

Many thanks to the BTI 90th Celebration Planning Committee members, including:  Bob Kohut, Bob Granados, Alan Renwick, Dick Staples, Alan Wood, Vanessa Greenlee, Bridget Rigas. Kaela Bamberger, Donna Claes, Elaine Van Etten, and Christine Kraus.

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