BTI Alum Vijay Joshi Joins AgriLife Research Center

by | Feb 16, 2016

Vijay Joshi

Assistant professor Vijay Joshi of the Texas A&M University AgriLife Research Center.

Vijay Joshi, a plant systems biologist and former research associate in the Jander laboratory at the Boyce Thompson Institute, is joining the research staff of the Texas A&M University AgriLife Research and Extension Center in Uvalde, Texas.

At the center, Joshi will investigate how crops adapt to stressful environments, looking especially at plant metabolism, hormonal pathways, root architecture and nitrogen use. Research at the center focuses on improving the nutritional content of crops, both for human consumption and for bioenergy applications.

From 2003 to 2010, Joshi worked with BTI Professor Georg Jander on plant amino acid biosysnthesis. His work resulted in the identification of plant genes that regulate the accumulation of two essential amino acids, threonine and methionine.

Working at BTI was an experience of a lifetime—watching various facets of cutting edge research all underneath one roof,” said Joshi. “In particular, I am grateful to Dr. Jander, not just for the opportunity to contribute to the incredible research in his lab, but for personally inspiring me throughout these years in shaping up my career. My stay at BTI certainly laid the foundation of my research interest in understanding metabolic pathways and will benefit me in advancing my research program at TAMU AgriLife Research

After leaving BTI, Joshi worked at Dow Agrosciences in Portland, Oregon for five years before returning to academia.

“This is an important advance in Vijay’s career and I wish him the best of luck as he transitions from the biotech industry to running an academic lab at Texas A&M University,” said Jander.

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