ART@BTI, the Botanical Photographs of David O. Watkins Jr.

by | Aug 18, 2014

Watkins flower

Watkins Portrait

“I am singularly interested in what an image can become… how one fills or manipulates a frame, page, or screen has always influenced and guided my creative work.”

Since retiring as the Director of Media Services at Cornell University, I’ve pursued abstracts, botanicals, and landscapes. Work in each of those areas is strongly influenced by color, early morning and evening light, and the weather.

I have favorite places that I return to again and again- my own garden, Acadia National Park, the Maine coast and woods, Yosemite National Park, and Mono Lake, California. The opportunity to explore each place beyond the obvious and iconic is my goal. My images are personal and intimate.”

40 pieces of David Watkins’ botanical photographs are on display at Boyce Thompson Institute for Plant Research during August, September and October. The public is invited to a reception on Thursday, September 18, from 5 to 7 PM, to gather and view David’s work, share light refreshments, and hear 2 short talks, by David and BTI plant scientist Georg Jander at 5:30.  Georg will talk about “The beauty of plant diversity: Observations without and within.” The inspiring flute music of Elizabeth Shuhan will fill the atrium at BTI and complement the flowering orchids and reflection pool with waterfall. Light refreshments will be offered including half moon cookies baked by Jacky Eddy of Eddydale Farms.

David has created a beautiful collection of lilies and hostas in his backyard which provide the subject material for some of the botanical photographs in the show, which verge on abstract, and elevate the mundane to the cosmic level.

To learn more about David Watkins Jr.’s work visit his web site. He serves on the board of the State of the Art Gallery and his work has been shown in many locations including the Corners Gallery in Cayuga Heights. During his 35 year professional career at Cornell he directed and influenced the visual and multimedia presentations of many departments, including the annual reports at BTI for many years!

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