Resetting the Table: Straight talk about the food we grow and eat

Mar 15, 2022

Robert Paarlberg headshot in front of a cartoon image of 2 people sharing food at a table with wheat growing behind them. On the right side of the image is text that says "Resetting the Table: Straight talk about the food we grow and eat" tuesday March 15. Noon EST.

Discussions about the future of our food system have never been more polarized and grounded in ideology. Scholar and author Robert Paarlberg offers a bold, science-based corrective to the groundswell of misinformation about food and how it’s produced.


Join AfS managing editor Joan Conrow in a free-ranging conversation with Paarlberg as we talk about how the world can be fed without harming the environment. We’ll discuss food deserts, food swamps, the greening of “industrial farming,” animal welfare, biotechnology, global food markets, the true source of the current obesity crisis, and more. Paarlberg will also offers solutions that can make sense for farmers and consumers alike. His newest book, Resetting the Table, provides a road map through the rapidly changing worlds of food and farming, laying out a practical path to bring the two together.

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