PGRP Seminar – Research in the McArt lab: Pesticides, pathogens and pollinator health

Jun 27, 2018

11am to Noon, Cornell Vet School Auditorium (Lecture Hall 1)

Research in the McArt Lab is focused on pollinator health. Major current projects include 1) Evaluating pesticide exposure and risk to wild bees and managed honey bees in different landscapes, 2) Combining empirical data with network modeling to understand pathogen transmission in complex plant-pollinator networks, and 3) Understanding how pesticide and pathogen stress influence bee behavior and delivery of pollination services to agriculturally important crops.

Scott McArt is an assistant professor of pollinator health, disease ecology, and ecotoxicology in Cornell University’ Department of Entomology. McArt is also a faculty advisor as part of BTI’s Plant Genome Research Program (PGRP) internship program.

This seminar is hosted as part of BTI’s Plant Genome Research Program, taking place every Wednesday (except July 4th) from June 6th – August 1st, 2018.

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