PGRP Seminar: Jocelyn Rose

Aug 1, 2018

11am to Noon, BTI Auditorium

Research in the Rose lab is focused on understanding the biological importance of the structural polymers that form plant cell walls, as well as the water resistant barrier, called the cuticle (the plant ‘skin’), which covers the above ground surfaces of land plants. We look at how those polymers are synthesized and assembled into complex polymer matrices, and how they contribute to factors such as plant architecture, resistance to pathogens and limiting drought stress. This involves a wide range of analytical approaches, including genomics, proteomics and imaging techniques. Much of the research uses tomato as a model system and the research aims to bridge basic science and practical applications geared towards enhancing fruit quality traits and food security.

This seminar is hosted as part of BTI’s Plant Genome Research Program, taking place every Wednesday (except July 4th) from June 6th – August 1st, 2018.

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