George and Helen Kohut Symposium

Aug 5, 2021

2021 Intern Symposium

We would like to invite you to our annual George and Helen Kohut Symposium to celebrate our 2021 undergraduate and high school research program on Thursday, August 5th from 9-4:30pm.

The community comes together each year for this cornerstone event of the summer internship experience. This event provides the students a professional setting to share their research, and the community an opportunity to celebrate their success.


9:00 AM


9:10 AM
E. Inti Quinchiguango Archuleta
Progress towards Understanding the Interplay between TYLCV Resistance and Heat Tolerance
9:25 AM
Cathy Mercado
omniTICC: cell-wide untargeted protein-metabolite interaction mapping using ion exchange chromatography
9:40 AM
Ryan Preble
Characterization of ATML1 Transcription in Giant Cell Patterning in Arabidopsis thaliana using in vivo imaging
9:55 AM
Mohamed Elgallad
Characterizing a locus that confers resistance to Beech Bark Disease
10:10 AM
Erin NewRingeisen
Can we improve maize photosynthesis and resistance to chilling stress by overexpressing a protein from Miscanthus?
10:25 AM


10:50 AM
Anisabel Guzman
Identifying the Genetic Loci Contributing to Folate Accumulation in Tomato
11:05 AM
Isa Johnson
Investigation of a GFP insert in the rhizoids of model hornwort species
11:20 AM
Mikayla Zarr
Prevalence of Crithidia bombi within manipulated and wild bee populations
11:35 AM
Alicia McElwee
Environmental Impacts on Cytosolic Phosphate Levels in Brachypodium distachyon Root Cells During Arbuscular Mycorrhizal (AM) Symbiosis
11:50 AM
Nikita Sajai
Crossover Hotspots and Their Impact on Maize Genome Structure
12:05 PM


12:35 PM

Poster Session Begins

3:30 PM

Poster Session Ends

3:30 PM
Diego Hernandez
A Prickly Question: What are the Genomics Behind Eggplant Prickle Development?
3:45 PM
Evan Schnell
Transcriptional regulation of plant immune receptor NLR genes in immune responses
4:00 PM
Tyseen Murad
Plant defenses downstream of MEDIATOR SUBUNIT16 regulates plant resistance to Turnip Mosaic Virus and its aphid vector Myzus persicae
4:15 PM
Elijah Gallimore-Repole
Overexpression of candidate insect herbivory resistance genes in Setaria viridis and the effects on Spodoptera frugiperda herbivory.

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