Flash Science

Aug 27, 2018

We’re excited to revive the competition that challenges scientists to communicate their research in three minutes, while tailoring their presentation for a lay audience. The goal of Flash Science is to help BTI scientists develop an effective “elevator pitch” for their research that can be comprehended by the average person. 

Why participate? The ability to communicate your science to a wide audience is becoming increasingly important for researchers. Also…there are cash prizes! Here are the details:

  • Number of participants will be capped at 15. Sign up HERE to reserve your place. 
  • Each presenter must abide by the three minute time limit
  • Presentation must be spoken (not sung, rhymed, rapped, danced, mimed, etc)
  • NEW: each presenter will be allowed ONE slide to reference during their talk, but that slide can only contain a SINGLE, STATIC image with NO text. 
  • Competition open to: graduate students, postdocs, and research associates
  • Prizes: $500 for 1st, $300 for 2nd, $100 for 3rd, gift cards for all participants
  • Two scheduled practice sessions will be made available in mid October
  • Participants can choose to video record practice sessions to help prepare
  • Important dates:
    • Flash Science event 10/25 – 3:00pm (BTI Auditorium)
    • Final day to sign up – 9/7
    • Kick-off meeting with participants – 9/12
    • Practice sessions (weeks of 10/8 and 10/15)

If you have any additional questions, please reply back to me or Bob Kohut at and we’ll offer any additional clarity.  SIGN up before it FILLS up!

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