Breaking Ground: “Feeding the World with Plant Breeding Databases” with Lukas Mueller

Nov 18, 2020

“Feeding the World with Plant Breeding Databases” with Lukas Mueller


November 18, 2020    12:00 PM ET


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Please join us for BTI’s next Breaking Ground Discussion Series, featuring an interactive chat with BTI’s Lukas Mueller. We’ll be talking about using big data to help feed the world. During this Breaking Ground discussion, you will have the opportunity to engage live with Lukas over Zoom!

With the global population expected to reach 10 billion by 2060, the prospect of feeding the world in a sustainable way with limited arable land, water and nutrients proves tremendously challenging, particular during this era of climate change. One of the ways to circumvent supply chain disruption is to provide farmers in food-insecure regions with the tools they need to feed their local populace, rather than just shipping food and seeds to them.

Dr. Lukas Mueller’s group at BTI designs and implements databases to warehouse and link many kinds of data, supporting next-generation plant breeding that brings 21st century genomics to real-world applications, such as increasing nutritional content, postharvest qualities or disease resistance. During this Breaking Ground, we will talk with Dr. Mueller about his collaborations with laboratory scientists, plant breeders, field scientists and farmers to assist in the improvement of staple crops – such as cassava, banana and sweet potato – that are under dire threat of disease in Africa.

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