Breaking Ground: Karen-Beth Scholthof and Paul Debbie

Sep 30, 2020

Plant Virologist and Science Historian Karen-Beth Scholthof and Paul Debbie:


“From TMV to COVID-19: The History of Virus Research at BTI”


September 30, 2020    12:00 PM ET


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Plant science has played an unsung role in virus research. Indeed, without important advances in plant science research, the medical community may have taken much longer to discover viruses and develop vaccines for people and animals.

Please join us September 30, 2020, at 12 pm ET, as we talk with plant virologist and science historian Karen-Beth Scholthof and Paul Debbie, BTI’s Director of Research and New Business Development. From the birth of virology with Frances O. Holmes’ development of the TMV local lesion assay, to using baculoviruses to manufacture COVID-19 vaccines, we’ll discuss how BTI research continues to work for humanity.




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