Biomolecules and Biofuel


Key Content Areas: Biofuel, Enzymes, Chemical Reactions, Scientific Method
Contributors: Laura Penman, Monroe Community College
Grade Levels: 7-12; Undergraduate
Time Needed: 140 minutes; 1-2 weeks

Biofuels will create a wealth of new jobs in biology, chemistry, agriculture, machinery, transportation, and business. In this lab, students learn about four different classes of biological molecules and will use indicators to discover the power of enzymes. Students will apply their discoveries to developing technologies in renewable energy.

Biomolecules and Biofuel

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Teacher Manual 
Student Prelab
Student Manual  
Biomolecules and Biofuels Introduction (.pptx)

Pre- and Postlab Resources

Ethanol from Algae (article)
Algae Farm in Mexico Produces Ethanol (article)
Ethanol Producers Warily Eye Algae’s Bloom (article)
Grass Makes Better Ethanol Than Corn (article)

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