In celebration of its 100th anniversary, the Boyce Thompson Institute (BTI) proudly announces the launch of a three-year fundraising campaign. This initiative marks a pivotal moment in BTI’s journey, aimed at enhancing its scientific discoveries and the development of practical applications that benefit society.  

The campaign kicks off with a dynamic start, thanks to a $500,000 one-to-one matching gift from the Cane-Bridge Foundation. This generous contribution ignites the campaign’s first phase, aptly named “The First Million,” which focuses on bolstering the Institute’s endowment.  

“As we enter our second century, the Centennial Endowment Campaign plays a crucial role in achieving our strategic goals in the areas of food security, human health, and sustainable agriculture. This campaign will broaden our research horizons, foster international collaborations, and create new avenues of exploration for our scientists,” remarked Dr. Silvia Restrepo, BTI’s President. “The Cane-Bridge Foundation’s involvement in ‘The First Million’ is a tremendous boost, propelling us toward achieving this critical milestone in our centennial year.”  

This gift was enabled by Roberto Cañizares, a member of BTI’s Board of Directors and founder of the Cane-Bridge Foundation. During a recent ceremony at BTI, Cañizares outlined the purpose of the gift. “We hope to encourage BTI’s supporters to expand the Institute’s endowment and bolster its financial strength. This will empower the Institute to focus on a culture that delivers groundbreaking research and continuous societal impact.”   

BTI Chairman Paul Chomet expressed his gratitude towards Cañizares: “Rob’s enthusiasm and engagement on the BTI board is truly appreciated. This gift is yet another demonstration of Rob’s commitment and vision towards BTI and its mission to help society and the environment.”

With a Cornell University BS in Engineering Physics, an MS in Applied Economics, and an MBA from the Johnson College of Business, Cañizares built a successful career as a global business leader with a significant focus on building companies in emerging markets. Rob and his wife Gail, whom he met at Cornell, founded the Cane-Bridge Foundation to “propel transformative leaps” in non-profit organizations. This donation and Rob’s commitment to BTI’s Board underscore their belief in the transformative power of scientific research.   

“This incredibly generous gift from the Cane-Bridge Foundation marks a significant milestone for BTI,” noted Oliver Schulze, a member of the BTI Board of Directors and a descendant of BTI’s founder, William Boyce Thompson. “It’s not just a contribution; it’s a catalyst for innovation and a call to action for others to invest in BTI’s enduring impact. This pivotal support enables us to dream bigger and reach further, ensuring that William Boyce Thompson’s vision formed over 100 years ago continues to thrive and expand into the Institute’s second century.”

About the Cane-Bridge Foundation Founded 11 years ago to support quantum leaps in non-profit organizations that are ready to make a major change, it helps selected foundations raise themselves to a higher level. In addition to project funds, Cane-Bridge contributes consulting assistance, including guidance to adapt management processes/practices with demonstrated high effectiveness in private industry.