A group shot of the High School Research Experience & Workforce Advantage Students

On June 27, Boyce Thompson Institute welcomed ten high school students to our High School Research Experience and two high school students to our Workforce Advantage Program.

The High School Research Experience focuses on training and inspiring the next generation of scientists to help feed a growing population, while protecting the environment and enhancing human health. In the Workforce Advantage Program, high schoolers are paired with mentors to gain hands-on experience working in a world-class research institute, while exploring the departments that make scientific discoveries possible.

Throughout the summer, students will gain valuable skills in their area of interest. They will also attend seminars and workshops to learn from leaders in their field. Because collaboration is a key aspect of a workplace, each student is partnered with a mentor in their respective research lab or department. Together, each mentor will lead the mentee in creating an independent project that best utilizes the student’s curiosity and drive, while also contributing to the lab’s or department’s goals. This project will be each mentee’s focus during the program, culminating with their end of summer presentation at our annual George and Helen Kohut Symposium.

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BTI is proud to welcome the following high school students:

High School Research Experience

Name Home School Faculty/Lab Mentor
Joshua Bradshaw Hingham High School James Giovannoni Julia Vrebalov
Tin Cho Aye Ithaca High School Andrew Nelson Alyssa Kearly
Ulric Claar Newfield High School Jian Hua Pavol Vadovic
Isabelle Cohen Ithaca High School Andre Kessler Ethan Bass
Alex Duke Cardenas Ithaca High School David Stern Amber Hotto and Kathryn Eshenour
Mukund Gaur Ithaca High School Zhangjun Fei Jiantao Zhao
Nina Svereika Homer Senior High School Aleksandra Skirycz Pallavi Agarwal
Chelsie Trafton Seven Valleys New Tech Academy Georg Jander Fumin Wang
Alex Weibly Dryden High School Georg Jander Annett Richter
Isabella Zepp Ithaca High School James Giovannoni Julia Vrebalov


Workforce Advantage Program

Name Home School Faculty/Lab Mentor
Micheal Callahan Spencer Van-Etten High School Center for Plant Biotechnology Research Qingzhen Jiang
Ella Goggan Dryden High School BTI Plant Growth Facility Julie Bell and Kelly Jackson