Congrats to Ascribe Bioscience for being awarded a $750,000.00 SBIR Phase II award from NSF. The proposed project seeks to develop a novel control for plant pathogens by leveraging a class of small, naturally occurring molecules that elicit specific immune responses in plants:

Ascribe was founded in 2017 by three BTI scientists, Frank Schroeder, Daniel Klessig and Murli Manohar, and a local entrepreneur, Jay Farmer.

Ascribe Bioscience foundersFrank Schroeder, Jay Farmer, Murli Manohar, and Daniel Klessig

Ascribe Bioscience is developing next-generation agrichemicals derived from the naturally-occurring small molecules that mediate interactions between crop plants and the soil microbiome. Their vision is to improve disease resistance in crops using natural compounds that have the potential to dramatically improve agriculture sustainability by reducing dependence on potentially harmful agrochemicals including synthetic fungicides and antibiotics.