About the cover: In collaboration with scientists from Cornell University and Shandong University in China, the Fei group traced the apple’s evolutionary journey along the historic Silk Road trading route. The discoveries could help breeders develop apples that feature improved disease resistance, taste, and larger fruits.

Thank you for supporting discovery science at the Boyce Thompson Institute (BTI)! 2017 has been a tremendous year at BTI.

BTI continues to look forward to new exciting opportunities while continuing to honor its founding mission and history. BTI’s 2017 annual report, “The Power of Discovery,” is a testament to the support that BTI community members like you believe in the enduring importance of research and the opportunity it holds.

You’re invited to read this report to learn more about what you made possible at BTI in 2017:

  • The uncharted course to discovery: Read about the faculty and scientists at BTI and some of their major research highlights and notable publications.
  • Celebrating the past: Discover how the opening of the new Boyce Thompson Center in Yonkers, N.Y. pays homage to BTI’s origins and legacy.
  • Planning for the future: Learn about how BTI is using scenario planning to think strategically about the future of science at the institute and beyond.
  • Engaging the next generation of scientists: Get to know how the Plant Genome Research Program (PGRP) trained this year’s class of summer interns for the 17th year.
  • Planting the seeds of discovery: Planting the seeds to discovery: Share in BTI’s appreciation of donors and supporters including the W.B. Thompson Living Legacy Society, Sustainers, and other special supporter spotlights

BTI is uniquely positioned to address some of the most pressing problems our world faces, and your support makes it all possible. Your support enables the current and next generation of scientists in their pursuit of discoveries that benefit agriculture, the environment, and human health.

You can view this current and previous annual reports at BTIscience.org/annualreport. Thank you again for your support of BTI!

We thank you again and hope you enjoy BTI’s 2017 annual report. You can view our current and previous reports at BTIscience.org/annualreport.



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