Winnie Yin Chen
Winnie Yin Chen
Year: 2008
Faculty Advisor: Georg Jander

Winnie is currently a junior at Cornell university. During the summer, Winnie worked under her mentor, post-doctoral associate, Martin DeVos on effect of (E)-beta farnesene, a chemical found in aphids’ alarm pheromone, on green peach aphids’ behavior. While in the Jander lab, Winnie learned several molecular biology techniques including PCR, DNA extraction, and bacterial transformation.

The results from my summer project are included in this publication:

de Vos, M., Cheng, W.Y., Summers, H.E., Raguso, R.A. and Jander, G. 2010. Alarm pheromone habituation in Myzus persicae has fitness consequences and causes extensive gene expression changes. Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A 107: 14673-14678