Laura Levin
Laura Levin
Year: 2011
Faculty Advisor: Jim Giovannoni

Accurate Profiling of the Tomato Fruit Transcriptome

Project Summary

This past summer, I used Next Generation RNA Sequencing technology to profile the tomato fruit transcriptome. An understanding of the gene expression pattern throughout fruit development will help elucidate which transcripts are involved in the ripening process. We focused on improving the existing RNA-seq methodologies to develop a novel, bias- free, and strand specific RNA-seq protocol (AF ssRNA-seq). AF ssRNA-seq enables me to accurately achieve the transcript accumulation at a certain stage during tomato fruit development.

My Experience

This PGRP internship experience was very informative and enjoyable. I found it easy to adapt to the environment in the BTI facility and in the lab. The Giovannoni lab was welcoming; each member was approachable and kind in answering any question I had. The PGRP internship program gives each intern the opportunity to work one on one with a faculty mentor. My mentor was very helpful and provided detailed explanations in regards to every experiment I performed. My overall understanding of molecular biology has expanded greatly. This internship was great preparation for grad school because I was far from my comfort zone in a new laboratory setting and managed to learn a great deal.