Bryan Ellerbrock
Year: 2004
Faculty Advisor: Georg Jander

Bryan is currently a student at local Ithaca High School. In the Jander lab, Bryan worked with post-doc Jae Hak Kim on a project studying glucosinolate induction by Myzus persicae, or the green peach aphid, using artificial diets. Glucosinolates and their breakdown products are important deterrents to aphid feeding. Bryan’s poster presentation at the Symposium earned him first prize and the Colonel’s Plaque for the Jander lab!

The results from my summer project are included in this publication:

Ellerbrock, B.L.J., J.H. Kim, G. Jander. 2007. Contribution of glucosinolate transport to Arabidopsis defense responses. Plant Signaling and Behavior  2: 282-283