Ulric Claar
Ulric Claar headshot
Year: 2023
Faculty Advisor: Jian Hua

The Function of the RPS6 Gene in Plant Growth Under Normal and Cold Temperatures

RPS6 is a vital gene found in the ribosomes of all plant species, directly influencing cell proliferation during early growth stages. This study aims to investigate the impact of RPS6 deficiency on plant growth and response to cold stress. It is already established that plants with defective RPS6a/b genes exhibit slower growth than the wild type variant under normal conditions. However, the effects of this deficiency under cold stress remain unknown. To address this knowledge gap, RPS6 deficient mutants were cultivated in both petri dishes with ½ MS medium and in soil, while phenotypic analysis was conducted over an 11-day period. Root lengths and leaf areas were measured based on pictures taken throughout the experiment. The gathered data indicated that the growth patterns were consistent across most aspects, with notable exceptions in the case of rps6b mutants compared to the wild type control. Under cold stress conditions, the gap between the growth of wild type plants and rps6b mutants was significantly smaller compared to the gap observed under ideal conditions. These findings provide valuable insights into the role of the RPS6 gene in regulating plant growth and its responsiveness to external stresses. In conclusion, this study brings us closer to understanding the comprehensive function of the RPS6 gene in plant development and adaptation. Further research into the specific molecular mechanisms involved in RPS6-related responses to cold stress may have implications

When I came for my first day of this internship, I had no idea what to expect. The only labs I’d ever seen were the ones on TV, and since obviously, those weren’t accurate, I went into this experience completely blind. But when I got here, a combination of my mentor and a BTI employee who gave me all the information I could need made the adjustment period very quick and painless. From then on, it only got better as my mentor led me through what it means to work in a laboratory and how proper research is conducted. Over the seven weeks of my internship, I learned more and more about the incredible things that happen on a daily basis (such as there being a large container of liquid nitrogen, and everyone just treating it like a normal everyday item). My main goal for this internship was to figure out if I wanted to work in a lab or not, and now I can say without a doubt that I do.