The BTI Alumni Recognition Program celebrates the success of outstanding BTI Alumni and recognizes the foundation that their BTI experience provided. BTI Alumni Recognition Awards are intended to honor exceptional individuals and their accomplishments, particularly as they relate to research, education, or scientific communication.

Up to two total awardees may be named bi-annually, from the categories of “Early Career” and/or “Distinguished Career” alum.

Eligibility Guidelines and Criteria

Anyone who has previously worked at the Boyce Thompson Institute, and at any level, (undergraduate, graduate, postdoctoral), is considered a BTI alum. This includes former interns, researchers, professors, and students.

Candidates for these awards should be BTI Alumni who physically worked at the Institute, and have notably advanced their career after their work experience at BTI, particularly as it relates to research, education, or scientific communication. The alum’s achievements may be in academia, industry, or any public or private sector related to BTI’s mission.

Recognition may be earned through one or more of the following achievements:
  • Career – The individual has achieved recognition for outstanding contributions to his/her profession or career.
  • Outstanding Service – The individual has provided outstanding service in support of science or the greater research community. Service can be local, national, or global, (e.g. mentorship to early-career researchers at BTI, public education/science outreach, raising awareness about BTI, etc.)
  • Philanthropy – The individual has made or influenced significant contributions to support discovery research, education programs, or innovative projects at BTI.
Guidelines for Early Career vs. Distinguished Career awards:
  • Early Career Award – Nominees should be under the age of 40 years old and hold a title/position equal to or below the level of Assistant Professor. If the nominee is pursuing a non-academic career, (e.g. in industry, or in a non-research sector) the equivalency of their position level should be considered relative to their sector.
  • Distinguished Career Award – Nominees should be well established within their industry/sector.

Alumni Recognition Program Committee

The selection committee should be composed of 5 – 7 members representing at least 3 – 4 BTI constituencies, such as:

  • 1 Advancement representative (serves as committee chair & program coordinator)
  • PGS (at least 1 representative)
  • Faculty (at least 1 representative)
  • Education Outreach (at least 1 representative)
  • Emeritus Faculty or committee-appointed BTI Alum (at least 1 representative)

Nomination Process

A call for nominations will be announced annually. Nominations can be made throughout the year by anyone (self-nominations are allowed) via submission of a nomination form substantiating why the nominee’s achievements merit the award. Click here for the nomination form.


Application Deadline

The deadline for nomination is October 1, on even years (i.e. 2020, 2022). The nomination portal will remain open year-round.


Selection Process

The selection committee shall meet as needed to review all nominations. The committee will have one opportunity to reach out to nominators to gain additional information, and may select up to two “Early Career” and/or “Distinguished Career” awardee per cycle.



Nominees will be notified of their nomination by November 1, on even years. Awardees will be notified before an award announcement is made.


Award Announcement

Award announcements will be shared via appropriate media forums, newsletters, and alumni communications. Awardees may also be highlighted in BTI’s Annual Report.


Awards & Recognition

Honorees shall receive:

  • Travel and accommodations, or a travel stipend to visit the Institute
  • A speaking or networking opportunity at BTI, if appropriate
  • Dinner with BTI Faculty and Leadership
  • Their name permanently displayed on a plaque in the BTI Atrium along with other Distinguished Alumni.
  • BTI Memorabilia
Early Career Recipients